10 Questions Never To Ask A Nigerian Guy

mature men

1. Is it your car?: Nigerian guys and their borrow pose attitudes. Most would flex their friends or parents cars like it was theirs. It’s these ones and those that inherited cars from their parents that make the most noise with these cars. Asking a guy this question gives him the right to lie to you because in pidgin terms “how e take concern you?”. Enter the ride, enjoy the AC and the music and stop asking personal questions..lol

2. How much do you make?: This is a question that even most husbands haven’t truthfully divulged to their wives and you are asking a single man. No man would ever tell you how much he makes because of two things;
# If he earns too little: He fears you would not respect him if he earns too little or you earn more than him.
# If he earns a lot: If you know he earns millions, your taste would virtually be insatiable. It’s then you remember you want to buy Brazilian hair and the new iPhone 6.
Guys rather have you guessing how much they earn than telling you outrightly, gives them the upperhand.

3. When will you get married?: Guys hate this question with passion. When there is so much money to be made and you are here talking about marriage. A guy’s classic reply to this question is “when the time is right”. Which indirectly means when I have made enough money, had enough bachelor fun and have met the right woman.

4. Do you love me?: This to a guy is the most annoying question a lady could ask a guy. Reason being that it puts him in a tight corner. He doesn’t love you and says “no”, you get heartbroken. He doesn’t love you and says “yes”, he dissatisfies himself to please you. The only escape route to this question is if he really loves you but if he does, you don’t have to ask him because he would have showed it with his actions.

5. Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?: Faithfulness is not a trait that most men possess. “There are many fishes in the sea” is a guy’s mantra and sticking to one is inconvenient (there are still the faithful ones though). Asking a guy this question would most likely make him lie to you if he is asking you out.

6. Do you still live with your parents?: It’s not as if mature guys are comfortable staying with their parents but as Nigerians would say na condition bend crayfish. Ladies respect men that stay in their own place even if it’s not a fancy place. To a lady it shows maturity and responsibility. No guy still living with his parents would joyfully answer this question so please don’t embarrass him.

7. Do you want to have sex?: This is the strangest question that you could ask a guy and it will surely throw him off guard. It’s just like asking a camel if it wants water, off course it does day and night. Ladies, ask a guy asking you out this question and watch his response and reply. Most will not say the truth for obvious reasons but if you watch closely, his mannerism when you ask the question and when he replies would tell you what he really wants.

8. What will you do if I told you I was pregnant?: Girls and their very strange questions. I have been asked this question countless times by my dates and my classic answer is “I would tell you congratulations and ask who the father is but on a serious note, the only person that would be pregnant for me is my wife”. Girls ask this question to taste the water, to know how serious you are about them. When a guy answers;
# We will keep it: The lady sees that he really cares about her and intends walking down the aisle with her (in her mind though).
# You will abort it: The lady sees him as an unserious person that just wants to have fun not caring about the impact an abortion would have on her both physically and psychologically.

9. What do you want from me?: I advice girls to ask this question, not to hear the truth (because most will lie) but to have something to use against him when he starts misbehaving. You ask him and he says “I want to love you, take care of you bla bla bla” and later he starts mistreating you or misbehaving, you remind him what he told you. How he promised to love you, how he promised to take care of you bla bla bla. Guys hate this question because the players would never come out straight and say “I want to sleep with you”. Most guys lie when asked this question but ask nevertheless.

10. How old are you?: Guys know that most ladies have a bias for age. No matter how mature you look or act, most ladies would not even consider dating you if they are older. What guys do is to make sure they know your age before they answer this question. This gives them the opportunity to inflate their age to seem older than you if you are actually older than them.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lamin says:

    If all this questiona are questions not to ask a guy, whay kinda question should one ask?.. or should you find out without asking?

  2. mahir says:

    hmmm nothing 2 say sha buh really like the article

    1. Nothing to say but you said it all, Thanks Mahir

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