10 Phone Numbers You Should Have

phone numbers

1. Recharge card seller’s number: For most of us that don’t fancy borrowing call credit from our mobile phone networks or some of us that aren’t even qualified for such privileges with our networks. The next best thing is having the phone number of someone that sells recharge cards. Someone that trusts you enough to give you card on credit till you are opportune to pay up. The importance of getting call card when you urgently need one cannot be overemphasized. Apart from being able to recharge your phone at will, you can recharge the phones of other people.

2. Doctor’s number: Having your doctor’s number could save your life or the life of someone close to you one day. We are in a season where doctors strike more often than lightening. To illustrate my point, Dele woke up with a stroke, his wife and children took him to 5 different hospitals but with the impending doctors strike, Dele could not be attended to. Benjamin on the other hand had the same stroke, his wife instead of panicking called the family doctor who advised her on first aid precautions to take before he (the doctor) asked them to bring him to the hospital. While on their way, the doctor had already prepared the room, drugs and facilities needed to cater for Benjamin. The difference is clear, not only is having a personal doctor beneficial but having his/her number in cases of emergencies is also as important. You don’t have to be a millionaire to make such personal arrangements for yourself and family.

3. Police officer’s number: Having the number of the Commissioner of Police in your state or even the number of a Superintendent of Police is imperative in this beloved country of ours, Nigeria. “Level pass level” is a popular saying in Nigeria and this holds truest in the Police Force. I remember vividly the day the okada man’s bike I was on was seized because I failed to wear my helmet. I spoke very rudely to the police men even insulting them (not proud of it). I wanted to walk out on them and continue my journey on another bike but the bike man begged me to help in the release of his bike. I followed the police officers to the police station and then I placed a call to my dad who in turn called ‘a big man in the police’. This so called ‘big man in the police’ spoke to the constable/corporal/sergeant that seized the bike and in 5 minutes the bike was released without pay. Till today I don’t know who this ‘big man in the police’ is but knowing him was very beneficial that day. Another scenario: Your neighbor is being robbed and knowing fully well that we don’t have the privilege of the 911 system they do in the US, calling your contact in the Police Force could help save the day.

4. Mechanic’s number: If you have never lived or driven a car in Lagos State, Nigeria then you might not know the importance of having your mechanic’s number. You are on your way back from a function on the Island and your car breaks down on 3rd Mainland Bridge. Who do you call? Exactly my point. Having the number of a trusted, reliable, dependable mechanic could save you from been robbed and save you tons of stress.

5. Gate man’s number: My father made it compulsory for his gate men to always have mobile phones on them. To him this could save him from men of the underworld. Imagine you are coming home and you notice cars trailing you to your house, instead of horning when you get to your house gate and giving them the opportunity to catch up with you, you call your gateman to open the gate as soon as he sights you and lock it immediately after you. Apart from having a car, imagine coming back late from church or club (be it unto you according to your faith..lol) and the gate is locked, having the gate man’s number could save you from sleeping outside that night.

6. Parent’s number: I don’t need to overemphasize the importance of having your parent’s numbers because only a nincompoop would’t have his/her parent’s mobile phone numbers. Apart from having their numbers, you should also try knowing them by heart. There might come a time when your phone crashes or gets stolen, having their number by heart could save the day.

7. Spouse’s number: I remember speaking to a friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend. She apparently deleted his numbers off her phone and claimed to be on a quest to forget everything about him. The only downside according to her was the fact that she memorized his numbers by heart while they were dating and now she can’t get it off her head. You should have your spouse’s numbers (how else would you love birds communicate with each other) but never memorize them by heart. Make the move to memorize their numbers only when you are married to them. Very important.

8. Account officer/bank manager’s number: If you ever plan on becoming someone in life, becoming someone important, someone rich and influential then it’s imperative you have an account officer and their number. The account officer or bank manager could help in sorting out money issues on your behalf, assist in paying in large sums of money for you, help pay someone from your account, help you borrow large sums of money from the bank, help pay into someone’s account when the queue is unbearable and many other benefits. My account officer in quote is my former schoolmate who works in the marketing department of the bank. She is not a manager in the bank but her help has saved me from countless times. Get an account officer if you don’t have one already.

9. Long leg’s number: ‘Long leg’ in Nigeria means someone that has the means/power/influence to get you something or somewhere you desire to be at the snap of his/her fingers. As an upcoming musician, knowing 2 Face or Don Jazzy or even M.I and having their numbers could help in opening doors unimaginable to you.

10. Boss/customers/employees/lecturers/colleague’s numbers: Whether it is work, business or education, having the phone numbers of your superiors, your colleagues and even your subordinates is very important and could come in very handy.

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