10 Things Normal People Should Not Do In Public


1) Popping a pimple: This is gross and make you look petite, please don’t ever do it again.

2) Talking loudly on the phone or for long periods of time: There is something about a lady that speaks calmly and with a low voice on the phone. Just exudes composure and calmness. But the loud mouthed ones, OMG. Please reduce your voice while talking on the phone in public. And when with someone, make your calls brief. Use the “I’m busy now, I’ll call you back” line when with someone.

3) Spitting: For me, when a lady spits in public, her bride price reduces by N10,000. When a guy on the hand spits repeatedly, I begin to distance myself from him. I don’t care what’s wrong with you, get a tissue instead of making it obvious you lack manners. Spitting in public is unacceptable. Stop it.

4) Sing along or laughing to your headphones: This is a habit I am still trying to stop but imagine an Igbo man like me listening to Phyno’s album, I can’t help but sing along, goddamit. But seriously, no one knows what you are listening to or what you are laughing along to. Just be a little discrete.

5) Picking your nose: This is by far the grossest thing you could do in public. Stop it or else.

6) Public Display of Affection: Seriously speaking and I am talking to you lovers. PDA is sweet and caring but PDA that has graduated from holding hands to kissing and grabbing her ass then needs to stop. Get a room for crying out loud. If na so the love dey sweeet una, make una go marry na..shou

7) Making a scene: So you and your boyfriend are not in good terms, maybe you saw him being too nice to the receptionist or he was chatting too long with the girl at the bar and you choose to make a scene? That’s a NO, NO. Go home and sort it out. Don’t wash your very dirty linen in public.

8) Clip/bite your fingernails/toe nails: Biting your finger/toenails or even clipping them is damn wrong. Wait till you get home and then you get down to business.

9) Pick you teeth: Okay you just eat chicken and you have pieces of meat in your teeth. Take the toothpick and pick your teeth with your hand over your mouth at the restaurant. Don’t take the toothpick out. You are not Puff Daddy for crying out loud.

10) Using cutlery you are not familiar with: To be frank, I can’t use “fuck and knife” to eat so I don’t pretend I can. I ask for my spoon and eat without stress. Time for chicken, I use my hands and wash them afterwards. Please don’t form and injure yourself.


10 Things Guys Should Not Do In Public

10 Things Ladies Should Not Do In Public


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  1. sex doll says:

    This banana must sell.

  2. Michael Ufondu says:

    Excellent observations KKS

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