10 Things Ladies Should Not Do In Public


1) Applying full makeup: I can understand when a lady refreshes her lip gloss after a meal or after a long day but spotting a lady with her full Mary Kay gadgets putting makeup on her face is not cool. A woman has to retain a little mystique. Guys should believe your made up face is natural. *wink*

2) Adjusting your short skirt or revealing top: So were you hypnotized into wearing that short skirt or revealing top or it wore it at gun point that you keep adjusting it every 10 minutes? If its too short, leave it at home.

3) Show off your stretch mark tattooed breasts: Okay, I have nothing against ladies with stretch marks. My offense lies with ladies that have them and yet flaunt them. Stretch marks aren’t a thing to be proud of, so if you can’t get rid of yours, please hide them away from the public.

4) Wear uncomfortable heels: It still baffles me that a lady would rather be uncomfortable wearing a tight set of heels than comfortable wearing something that fits her leg even if its not what she wanted to wear. This is a typical case of suffering and smiling. You are not as important as you think. Stop punishing yourself unnecessarily. And for those of you that can’t walk well on heels, please practice at home or stop wearing them.

5) Sit cross-legged or improperly while wearing a skirt: When a lady wears a skirt, its appropriate for her to close her legs. Simple. Some go as far as crossing their legs which reveals spaces underneath and making them look loose and callous. Also, please don’t ever think you are putting on a trouser while wearing a skirt thereby opening Jerusalem for all to see.

6) Adjusting your bra: I have told my girlfriends (female friends please) the importance of wearing the right bra. Not too tight, not too loose. So when a girl ends up wearing a tight bra and keeps adjusting it even in public is not a cool sight at all.

7) Girlfriend love: Ladies, ladies, ladies. How many time did I call you? We know you girls are close to each other. We understand that. What men don’t understand is when you hug, touch, peck each other all the time. There is an empty chair but you choose to sit down on your girlfriend’s lap. What’s up with that. Please stop turning guys on and off at the same time.

8) Badmouthing other girls: I sincerely hate it when a girl walks by and other girls keep staring at her. Then she becomes a subject of their discussion. “Do you see what she is wearing?”, “see the way she’s walking”, “her makeup is so wrong”. Stop it and mind your damn business.

9) Being rude to a guy: Some ladies derive pleasure in humiliating a man that comes to talk to them. You don’t like him or you don’t have the time to talk, be polite and civil about it. Don’t embarrass a man, kill his morale, damage his self esteem and shatter his emotional state by reacting rudely to his toasting gesture.

10) Smoking or getting high: In my opinion, there is nothing more demeaning and degrading that spotting a girl smoking whether cigarette or something stronger If you smoke, good for you but let your habit be private, for your own good.


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