10 Things Guys Should Not Do In Public


1) Urinate in public: This is generally termed a guy thing which ladies hate with passion. You will see grown up men, perch by the corner of the road in the full glare of the public, un-zip his trousers and bring out his manhood and urinate mostly in the gutter. This is a very bad habit. I make it a habit to walk into any restaurant when I am pressed to urinate but occasionally piss in gutters/bush but well hidden from the public.

2) Groping your girl: She’s your girl, no one is contesting that but grabbing her ass in public cheapens her. Makes her look sluty while making you look like a PIMP. Please wait till you get home and grab away.

3) Scoping every girl that passes by: It’s alright to spot a girl you like and admire her but scoping every girl that passes by you shows how loosely minded you are.

4) Using the “you look familiar” or “I am Mike, and you are” line: It’s no secret that some useless boys have over used that once magical “you look familiar” line. If you can’t toast a girl, get another girl to approach her for you. Always easier.

5). Sagging: I hate, dislike and detest sagging. It’s immature and shows your high level of irresponsibility. Stop it.

6) Mouthing off about your sex-capes: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is a popular saying which simply means “shut the f up about what happened”. Guys should stop talking about the girls they have slept with or about to sleep with. What happens in your room/hotel room should remain there. You dey use girl vagina get rep, you no dey shame. 

7) Fight/exchange words with a girl: Women are famous for their use of words. The rate at which hurtful, insulting words emanate from their mouths would make a grown man shiver. But, there is no excuse under earth to exchange words with a woman most especially in public. Hitting her is definitely out of it. If she’s running her mouth, walk away…nothing annoys her more.

8) Not controlling Jimmy: Girls have this way of using their body to control the genitalia of a man especially while dancing. It’s wrong for a man to loose control of the limp and erect state of his penis. This is very embarrassing (speaking from experience). Know when to command Jimmy to relax (with your mind power..)

9) Whistling at girls: I know I know. Girls claim they don’t like being whistled at but I can assure you that they love it. Nevertheless, its only razz local guys that whistle at ladies passing by. If you like her, approach her. If not, shut up and enjoy the view.

10) Scratch or hold your privates: We know its itchy but scratching it in public is gross. Quit asap.



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