Guys And Their Quest For Money And Sex


Men have been notoriously known for their quest for two things and both end with a ‘y’; money and pussy. Their quest for both has caused them to make unguided and often wrong decisions which affect the owners of the commodity they hunger for. Men have been known to illegally acquire money through hook and crook which has led some to building houses and buying cars while the unfortunate few are caught and locked up. On the other hand, their quest for pussy (sex) has kept them at a crossroad with females. The same way they devised schemes to scam people off their money, they have also devised ways to scam girls off their pussy with a girl’s favorite language “LOVE”.
The fact is that there are only two ways to get a woman to give up her pussy and that’s by showing her the money or by showing her love (attention, affection, care and what have you). From the money perspective, he’s safe because no one is hurt. It’s like a trade by barter arrangement, he gives her money (takes care of her financially) and she gives him pussy (takes care of him sexually). No emotional attachment and everyone goes home happy.
On the other hand when the mode of transaction is love, its riskier because he knows he doesn’t have the love she craves for so most fake it. Women being gullible enough (believing anything that comes out from the mouth of someone they care about) will eat his lies hook, line and sinker.
He claims to love her, she believes him and gives him her all including her body. Then two things might happen at this stage; he either gets tired of eating from ‘one pot’ and uses the same scheme to find another gullible girl and gets found out or he just moves on. He moves on very easily because he never made any emotional investment in the first place. He just stops returning her calls, doesn’t check on her anymore, picks fights, acts like he doesn’t just care anymore. At this point, the lady with all her emotional investment starts to question herself “what is happening”, “what did I do wrong”, “doesn’t he love me anymore?”, “maybe I am at fault”, “maybe I should have done this or done that”. She has invested so much into the relationship in terms of time and emotions and doesn’t want to let go so she keeps making excuses for his fuck ups. End result of this cycle and excuse manufacturing machinery is “heartbreak”.

“Why do men love sex so much?” is a question that most women have either asked themselves or have asked each other or have even asked men. Its a question the gods can’t answer. Maybe because of the testosterone running through a man’s body, or the fact that sex literally runs in a man’s DNA. Your guess is as good as mine but the message this article carries is that you should not be surprised when a man asks you for sex. Its in their DNA, its in their blood, men are wired to have sex. It’s said that a man thinks about sex every single time a lady passes by. Men think about sex more than they think about food. Why are men this way? I don’t know. My answer is that men will always be men.

Now ladies know what men want; money and sex. The comforting part is that some men that want sex prefer it with someone they love not just random sex (let’s call it love making). Your quest as a woman is to find a man that prefers love making to having sex. A man that genuinely cares about you, loves you and cherishes you but still wants sex. Self deception is expecting a man not to demand sex or denying a man sex on grounds of personal celibacy (he will get it elsewhere, trust me).

So how do you make sure you give your body to a man that genuinely cares for you. There are signs but not all signs are universal hence I’m not going to share them with you. Be rest assured that a man will not come to you and say “I want to have sex with you”. He will come offering “money or love (genuine or fake)”. Be smart enough to discern what he wants and treat him accordingly. Please enough with the “guys like sex too much” mantra of girls, guys LOVE sex, you don’t want sex, remain single, become a nun or just go and marry.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. SpicyTee says:

    ‘Self deception is expecting a man not to demand sex or denying a man sex on grounds of personal celibacy (he will get it elsewhere,trust me)’ Hmmn..Interesting!

  2. Adeola Oba says:

    Still keeping m virginity

    1. Fantastic dear. Please do.

  3. sex doll says:

    Men love Sex and lädiert like it as well ..

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