Girls Only: Beware Of Male Snipers


Snipers in lay man terms are well trained marksmen that use long range guns to kill their targets even without the knowledge of the target.  Snipers in everyday life are men/boys who target innocent, ignorant, oblivious underage girls to derive sexual pleasures from. These snipers could be male domestic staff, teachers, lecturers, brother’s friends, cousins, landlord, landlord’s sons, neighbors, step-fathers, father’s friends etc.
Some of them openly make amorous advances on these innocent girls that are way to innocent to know the depth of their ungodly interest in them. These snipers are way too experienced than these girls. so they derive ways to trap them into accepting their devilish sexual advances. It’s no secret that women are aroused by what they hear. This results in a level of gullibility will leads a small immature girl into accepting advances of a much older man.

I am usually perplexed by news and stories of girls usually in their early teens (between 12 and 16) and sometimes as young as 5 years being violated by these devilish snipers. Are you aware that most girls that have sex before the age of 17 years were not disvirgined by their age mates but by men up to 10 years older than them. Whether she agreed to it or where forced/coerced into committing the act, these ignorant girls are often deceived by the “love” gospel propagated by these snipers and when that doesn’t work, they follow up with the “you are a big girl” message and these smallies in a bid to prove that they are big girls would succumb.

The most common treat is the the fact that these girls’ parents are not aware because the girls are either threatened with brutality or even death if they report, too afraid to tell their parents, or enjoy the favour (love, protection, phones, credit, money, clothes, better grades etc) that come from engaging in the sexual acts.
There are so many men in the lives of girls that we (parents and guardians) are not even aware of. There are the good, the bad and the ugly. There are men that mean no harm and consider these girls as they would their daughters while most are looking out for every opportunity to pounce on them.

The girl in today’s society is under a lot of pressure, very vulnerable and has the tendencies of succumbing to pressure and turning wild. As such, it’s important that parents and guardians not only put a watchful eye on their daughters, they should also create an open channel of communication between them and these girls, educate them on sex, teach them on men and their tricks. This open channel and proper sex education will open their eyes to so many things, make them smarter and help them handle such unholy advances from those unholy snipers.
Beware of snipers by TEMILOLU OKEOWO for The Punch. Click to READ

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