Dictionary of Sexual Words (R-Z)

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When someone is forced to have sex against their will and without giving permission (consent) it is called rape. Rape is against the law and is taken very seriously by the police.




Reverse Cowgirl
A sex position in which the woman rides atop the man while facing away from him.

Retarded Ejaculation
also known as delayed ejaculation, is a condition known as ejaculatory incompetence in which a man is unable to ejaculate even though he is highly sexually aroused.

Reverse Missionary
Doggy-style in which the bottom lies on her stomach.

A person uses their mouth and tongue to stimulate or pleasure another person’s anus. Occasionally it can lead to serious gut infections and you can also catch Hepatitis from rimming.

Runs Girl
is a girl mostly educated School girl who exchanges money for sexual favors. Major difference between a prostitute and a run girls is that the former stands on the road solliciting for customers while the later gets private and often secret sexual jobs.
Attracted to intelligent people.

The bag of skin that contains a man’s testicles.

Sexual Assault
is any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced, or forced to engage against their will, or any non-consensual sexual touching of such person.

Semen (also knows as sperm)
A fluid that contains a mixture of secretions from a guy’s reproductive glands and sperm cells. Semen comes out from the guy’s penis when he ejaculates.

Sexual Abstinence
is the practice of refraining from some or all aspects of sexual activity for moral, medical, psychological, legal, social, financial, or religious reasons.

Sexual Arousal
Also known as getting turned on or being horny. Something happens to make you feel in the mood for sex, you could be alone or with a partner when this occurs.

Sexual History
All the people you have had a sexual relationships with during your life.

Sexual Intercourse
Sexual contact between two people, usually involving insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina.

Sexually Transmited Infections (STIs)
Infections that are passed on in sexual activity. There are up to 25 STIs, some of which are more common and dangerous than others. The best way to protect against them is to always use a condom.

Sending sexual text messages or images electronically.

Sixty-Eight, 68
When one partner receives oral sex without returning the favor. He owes her one.

Sixty-Nine, 69
A sex position that allows for both partners to simultaneously give and receive oral sex.

Another name for having sex.

Another word for a condom.

To kiss and caress each other.

One who participates in sexual acts, particularly anal sex, that are considered deviant by the surrounding culture.

When a man or a woman has an operation to prevent getting pregnant, or getting their partner pregnant.

Another word for heterosexual.

A sexually transmitted infection, which may go unnoticed and can spread without either partner knowing. It is passed during sex or sexual activity and can be serious if left untreated.

is a consensual sex involving the exchange of marital partners for sexual purposes.


Absorbent cotton tubes a woman puts inside her vagina when she’s having a period to absorb menstrual blood.

Another word for an abortion. An operation to end a pregnancy.

The two balls under a man’s penis where sperm is produced.

A male hormone produced in the testicles.

A fetish for getting or giving massages.

A person who will try anything when it comes to sex.


Unerect Penis
A guy’s penis when it is in its natural state, soft and un-aroused.

Unplanned Pregnancy
A pregnancy that is not planned and is upsetting to the girl who has become pregnant.

Unprotected sex
Having sex without using any contraception which may lead to pregnancy or catching an STI.


The passage that runs from a girl’s genitals up to her womb.

One whose sexual urges are satisfied almost exclusively by performing cunnilingus on others.

A man who wanders from vagina to vagina, never settling in one for too long.

Va-j-j, Vajayjay, Vajaja, Vjayjay
Vagina. Origins: Oprah.

A fetish for living vicariously through others. Often involves listening to other people’s sexcapades.

An adjective that is used to describe a curvy woman with large breasts and or a large ass.

is an electrically driven sex machine that vibrates when placed on the clitoris.

Someone who has never had sexual intercourse.

Another word for a girl’s genitals.


Wet Dreams
When a boy ejaculates while he is asleep and a natural part of sexual development.

An unreliable method of contraception where a guy takes his penis out of the girl’s vagina before he ejaculates.

Also called a uterus, the womb is a pear-shaped organ in a girl’s body that a baby can grow inside.


A term usually used about films where the content is judged to be suitable for adults only as it may be sexually explicit or very violent.


Let’s look at some sexual abbreviations

ATF = all-time favourite.
Aunt Flo = menstruation, period.
BCD = behind closed doors.
Blue pill = natural enhancers.
Blue Jay = blow job.
CDS = come for doggy style.
FBSM = full body sensual massage.
FIV = finger in vagina.
GSM= g-spot massage.
PIV = penis in vagina,
ATTEMPTS = trying to orgasm,
Cowgirl = CG = girl on top facing you,
Doggie = man behind girl, girl on hands and knees,
French kiss = Kissing with tongue insertion,
LK = light kissing, closed mouth.

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