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is a fetish for looking at nude photos, images, or statues.

Illegitimate Child
is a child conceived out of wedlock, and often rejected by the father.

is when a man can’t get an erection.

In Heat
is when a female’s body is capable of conception. During this period hormones are released that make the female more solicitous of, and receptive to, sex.

When people who are related, like brothers and sisters, have sex with each other.

is a small penis.

Indicator of Interest, IOI
is a sign a person gives off, often unconsciously, to signal attraction. This encompasses a wide range of behaviors that is different for each sex and person, but which can include playing with one’s hair, offering to buy a drink, asking another person’s name, physical contact…

is an illness caused by a germ or virus.

means one cannot get pregnant (conceive) as of when desired. There are two types of infertility: primary infertility refers to couples who have not become pregnant after at least one year having sex without using birth control methods. Secondary infertility refers to couples who have been able to get pregnant at least once, but now are unable.

is a naïve or sexually inexperienced girl.

is sex with a painful amount of friction.

is sex with a partner who just lies there, detached and unanimated.

is sex in which penetration occurs.

Internet Beauty
is one who can maker herself look attractive online but not in person.

Intimate, Intimacy
1. Sex. 2. Characterized as knowing someone in a very private and personal way.

Irish Toothache

Irish Twins
siblings born in the same calendar year.

Irregular Periods
periods that change each month and do not happen every 28 days. Periods are controlled by hormones and irregular ones are usually part of the normal changes that happen to teenagers.
Jack Off
1. Male masturbation. 2. A worthless man.

is an opportunistic man who has sex with anyone he can, often through devious means. He often has sex with the friends of the hot girls his alpha friends meet. Also, a man with no moral compass when it comes to sex.

is a large penis.

Jelly Belly
is ejaculating on a partner’s stomach
Jerk Off
1. Male masturbation. 2. A worthless man. Synonym: jack off.

a prostitute’s customer.

Joy Juice
is natural female lubrication.

Jump Start
is to wake a partner or to get them in the mood for sex with foreplay.

Junk in the Trunk
Large ass.

When two people put their mouths together for pleasure.

KY Jelly
is a kind of lubricant you can buy which may make sex easier or more pleasurable.

Labia majora
is the thicker, outside labia layer of the vagina.

Labia minora
is the inner flaps of flesh.

The flaps of skin on either side of a girl’s vagina.

is a man who is obsessed with having sex with women.

A girl who fancies other girls.

is a fetish among men who are aroused by girl-on-girl sex.

is the 69 sex position.

Another word for sex-drive.

Licking Out
When someone uses their mouth to stimulate a woman’s genitals.

sexually arousing underwear that accentuates the good and hides the bad parts of a woman’s physique, such as lifting her breasts and compressing her stomach.

Lipstick Lesbian
A woman who dates and marries men but who will kiss or have sex with other attractive women for attention, to get off, or for money.

Love Bite
When someone sucks or gently bites the skin of another person leaving a red mark.

Love Glove

A slippery fluid you can use to make sex easier and more fun.

is when a person touches his own sex organs to have pleasure. It often results in an orgasm. Masturbating may be done alone, but can also be done with another person, or with the use of vibrators and dildos, but it is often done with just a person’s hand. Studies have shown that the large number of people who masturbate regularly, heavily and habitually later develop problem with their erection and sexual performance, cases like weak erection, premature ejaculation, weak ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are always an aftermath of habitual heavy masturbation. Also called wanking.

Another way of saying when a girl has her period.

A healthcare worker who looks after pregnant women and helps to deliver babies.

When a foetus (unborn baby), comes out of a girl’s womb before it is old enough to survive outside its’ mother’s body. Also called ‘losing a baby’.

Morning After
Another name for emergency pills. Taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex the morning after pill prevents pregnancy.

The raised bits of skin at the centre of each breast, nipples are usually harder and darker in colour than the rest of a girl’s breast, or a boy’s chest.

one who is psychologically addicted too, or dependent on, sex.


One of the female hormones that controls reproduction.

One Night Stand
When you have sex with someone but don’t go on to have a relationship with them.

Oral Sex
Using the mouth and tongue to pleasure and stimulate a guy’s penis or a woman’s vagina.

The peak of sexual pleasure, orgasms are different for everyone and not everyone has an orgasm every time they have sex.

Ovaries are the female reproductive glands. They hold and develop eggs and make hormones called oestrogen and progesterone.

When a girl’s ovaries produce eggs.


When a grown up has unlawful sex with an underage child.

A fetish for virgins.

When a vagina, or anus is penetrated by a boy’s penis, or some sort of object (such as a sex toy).

A guy’s sexual organ.

Once a girl reaches puberty she will have a menstrual bleed, or period, each month. The bleeding happens when an egg is not fertilised and comes out of the vagina.

Another word for foreplay.

A fetish for large penises.

To engage in sexual affairs with a woman whom a man has no intention of marrying.

A man who seeks out sexual affairs with no intention of getting married.

A fear of kissing.

Phone Sex
Talking about sex with someone over the phone either by chatting or calling.

A fetish for watching porn.

A person who approaches seduction as a game.

Pop the Cherry
Taking a woman’s virginity.

Films, books or pictures that are intended to make you feel sexually excited.

Pregnancy Test
A test which shows whether or not you are pregnant. You can buy a test from a chemist or supermarket and it will usually contain two sticks which you pee (urinate) on. The tests detect a hormone that is only in a girl’s system if she is pregnant.

When a baby is growing inside a girl’s body, she is pregnant.

Premature Ejaculation
is a condition also known as rapid ejaculation. This is a sexual response problem in which a man consistently feels he has little or no control over the timing of his build-up to ejaculation. Lots of different things can cause this to happen, including overexcitement, performance anxiety, inexperience, etc.

Prostate Gland
A walnut-sized gland just below a guy’s bladder. It supplies the fluid to make sperm.

is someone whose professional job is to exchange money for sexual favours.

The time when girls’ and boys’ bodies start to change and become sexually mature. Puberty usually starts between the ages of 9 and 13, but some people are much younger or older. Puberty takes a long time and affects you emotionally as well as physically. Puberty is triggered by certain hormones, or chemicals, inside your body.

Pubic Hair
The hair that starts to grow around the genitals of both boys and girls at puberty.

Pubic Lice
Lice that live only in pubic hair, usually passed on by sexual contact.

A fetish for butts, specifically seeing, touching, or playing with a butt.
Dictionary of Sexual Words (R-Z)

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