Females Should Stop Loving and Start Thinking (Them Use Love Swear For Una?)


“He what?…beats you?” were the words/question that came out of my mouth upon hearing the story of this beautiful charming 20 year old.
“Yes he beats me” she replied
“My whole body is paining me after the beating he gave me yesterday before he broke up with me”, she continued.
“So why haven’t you broken up with him ever since? why do you continuously stay in this injurious relationship” was the question I could muster in my baffled state. Then the answer that I was expecting, the answer that has made women a tool of abuse, disgrace, ridicule, insult, beatings, downgrade in the hands of men came out of her mouth. I am sure you know the answer but for benefit of doubt, she said “I love him”.
What is this STUPID love that only females experience that makes them take all this bullshit from men? What’s this crazy love that will make you stay with a man that derives pleasure using your soft delicate body as a punching bag? What’s this insane love that will make you stick with a man that doesn’t add to you mentally, spiritually, emotionally but maybe improves your financial standing. What’s this foolish love that would make you love another man more than your father or mother or siblings and even more than you love yourself because in my opinion, staying with a man that beats you is tantamount to not loving yourself enough. Which kind of love will make a woman stay with a man that constantly cheats on her, womanizes in her presence and she gives herself the excuse “all men will cheat, as long as I am number one, I don’t mind”. Are females the only ones that love this unconditionally? The only Being capable of such unconditional love is God. Are females trying to be like God? Does love make women stupid? Does it make them unreasonable? Why don’t men love this unconditionally and stupidly? Why just females? Why?
Love has made females lose their virginity, made them get pregnant for the wrong guy, made them steal money for their boyfriends, made them receive beatings that would make a prisoner shiver, made them turn to house helps to a man that hasn’t even proposed to them?
Last time I checked, the punishment God gave Eve (women) for disobeying him in the Garden of Eden was pains during childbirth. I can’t remember God punishing women with stupid love or did I miss that verse?

I am writing this article with pain so excuse my harsh words but it’s high time women woke up, it’s high time you stop loving and start thinking, use your brain more often, leave your heart to pump blood please. Love yourself first. Stop this absurd quest for love from a man, it never ends well. Every single day a lady gets heartbroken by a guy she knew wasn’t good for her but she was too in love to move on. Remember that a failed relationship/courtship is better than a failed marriage.

“We have dated for 5 years, what would people say?”. You are simply a pretender that will live the rest of your life in regret. Those people you are afraid of, are they taking the beatings with you? Are they crying with you? Are they living in fear with you? The sooner you seek your happiness outside what people will say the better because people will always talk, whether you do good or do bad.
“We have dated for almost 7 years, how do I start afresh considering that I am not getting any younger?” You are the type of builder that probably caused the Synagogue building to collapse. You are building a house but along the way you notice that the foundation or the building materials aren’t good enough. Instead of breaking it down and starting afresh, you continue building because you have invested too much time, money and other resources to start afresh. Then in five years, the house (relationship/marriage) comes crumbling down (divorce/seperation). Please start afresh if it’s not working, there is no shame in that.

While conversing with the young damsel, and I told her to break up with the guy and run for her life, she said “you will not understand, it’s not easy leaving someone you love so much”.
I will ask again, them use love swear for una?
Who ever said it’s gonna be easy? You are gonna feel lonely, you are gonna feel horny, you are gonna feel left out and abandoned. I have ex girlfriends that I love till today, but we broke up because we didn’t see ourselves spending the rest of our lives together. Don’t force it. It will be painful but it’s worth it. Getting tattoos are painful, getting piercings are painful, getting disvirgined is painful, giving birth is painful, menstruating is painful but isn’t it all worth it? Emotionally speaking, men cannot take half of what you women can. you are stronger than you think. You need to love yourself and don’t let a man determine your worth. Leave him if it’s not working.

Enough is Enough

….I will ask you personally “them use love swear for you?”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. citigist says:

    Nice reasoning, i love your style of writting but let the truth be told…….most girls find it very difficult to break up with their abusive boyfriends mainly because of the financial gains, not necessarily love.

    Visit CitiGist Today

  2. Adeola Oba says:

    nice write up but love is so much painful and we girls are (not all) can stay without having a partner (boyfriend) especially those idle one

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