A Man’s Role in His Woman’s Life


It’s a Man’s World but its the Woman that makes it tick. Men are different from women in so many ways from physical to emotional and that’s what makes each gender unique and incomparable. God intentionally deposited giftings deficient in the man into the woman. Therefore both genders need each other to live a fulfilled life. We discussed “The Role Of A Woman in Her Man’s Life” in the last article. Click to READ. For this segment, we will be discussing the role of a man in his woman’s life which include:

A woman needs her man to acknowledge her as his wife/girlfriend not concubine/side chick/house help and not even one of the guys. Your wife should be more important than your mother in your life and she should be accorded such high regard and respect.

He is a responsible being. He is made to be the head, walk with his woman, listen to her but then he is responsible for the decisions taken or actions carried out. Some of the major features of a man is strength, and wisdom to tend his home. Regardless,a man should listen to the woman, but then it’s the man’s call to make the decision that affects his home. Like a king who must make a decision in his kingdom. Failure to do that is where the woman takes charge and when she does, disrespect is inevitable.

A woman needs a firm man. A man that would correct her not a man she can push around or a violent man that would use brutal force as a correction tool. Most women grow up with a strict dad, the type that monitors their every movement, the type that disciplines them when they go out of line. Even with all this discipline and tough love, she still loves and respects her father. You are what her father could never be -» her lover. So you are her “father” and a lover. She doesn’t do anything without your knowledge and approval. Ladies need tough love. A woman is like an egg, hold it too firmly (too jealous and possessive) and you would crush it, hold it too loosely (be the YES man) and it will fall and break. Hold her right and she’s yours forever.

Gone are the days of women being made to do all the house chores and relegated in the house as if she were just a trophy you present to friends at will. Gone are the days where women are made housewives with her instinct, business acumen, dreams, intellect locked away in her cupboard with her certificates. You have dreams (let’s hope you do) and you need her assistance in achieving them (very commendable) but she has her own dreams too (let’s also hope she does). Your duty is not to make her give up her dreams for yours. She might have to put hers on hold to support yours but as soon as yours finds its footing, its time to return the favour.

Your woman needs her man to constantly tell and show her how important she is to him. You ever wonder why ladies are fond of asking the question “do you love me? or tell me how much you love me”. She knows you love her but she needs assurance on a daily basis. She needs you to say it often. Indulge her.

Your woman also desires an affectionate man. It seems we have very romantic men at the “toasting stage” but as soon as the woman is theirs, they revert to their unromantic selves. Your woman needs to see your romantic side all year round. Don’t wait till her birthday or Valentine’s day to buy her gifts, surprise her as often as you can. Most ladies love PDA (Public Display of Affection) which constitutes holding hands while strolling, cuddling up in the supermarket, kissing while watching a movie. If that’s her, indulge her. Sex is also an important element here. Anyone that told you that women don’t enjoy sex didn’t tell you the whole truth. Women don’t enjoy sex, they enjoy good/superb sex. Be her porn star because a sexually deprived woman is worse than the witch in your village.

It’s no secret that most men give two things more attention that their women; football and work (business). You need to create ample time to spend with your woman. You might be busy but as the saying goes “no one is too busy for someone they love”. Your woman needs you to be everly available for her to relay her joy, fears, joy, apprehension, stress, confusion, excitement with. She needs your listening ear more than your judgmental mouth.

Your woman also needs you to assure her security in three phases;
Financial security: She needs to be convinced that you can provide for her and the family. She isn’t asking for a Dangote (not that they mind..lol), she just needs a provider. Someone that will do anything (legal) to make sure his family never lacks. Not a lazy idle man that would blame the Government for his financial woes. The man is there to provide for his woman. Providing in all ramifications. Women love the good things of life. Ever wonder why a father gives his daughter(s) the spoils of life? He does so to protect them from the preying eyes of men. Believe it or not, when a lady doesn’t get what she wants, no matter how disciplined she may be, she may be susceptible to getting her desires from others. ‎
‎Emotional security: Never ever give your woman a reason to doubt her place in your life. A reason to believe that she’s sharing you with someone else because every woman she sees you with from henceforth is a suspected “husband/boyfriend snatcher”. She needs to be assured of her place as the only one in your life.
Physical security: Every lady loves a man who can stand up strong for her in public even when she is wrong. You can scold her later, but fight for her. If a man slaps your woman in public, your first response shouldn’t be to ask her what she did to be slapped. Your response should be to beat the guy up for having the guts/audacity/effrontery/liver/balls to slap your woman. Yes! Your Woman! whether she’s wrong or not. If you know you can’t beat the guy (power pass power) then lock him up (call police) or at least, shout at him and walk away with your woman if the macho guy wants to fight. In this case, please live to fight another day..lol
“Women want too much” some men would say while others would ask, “What do women really want?” That’s a question that even the gods can’t answer. Many women don’t even know what they want but most will agree with me that they want to be loved and cherished above all. Be her friend, her lover, her king, her master, her boss, her leader, her father, her brother, her knight in shining armour, her super hero, her body guard, her mentor, her guide. Get her up when she’s down, build her, groom her, teach her, be her happiness. Give her a balance, make her complete, direct her and most of all, be her pride.



Vote of thanks to Ugochinyere Ngozi Nduka for a spledidly written article. All I did was add things she missed. Well done dear. God bless you

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  1. fullhaose says:

    More grace my brother. U are making impact

    1. Amen bro. God bless you for the kind words

  2. dizzy says:

    I actually thought women were too complicated… but you gotta hand it to this writer for summarizing the question “what do women want?” in this article. Nice work.

  3. david says:


  4. mark Eno says:

    Well scripted n incorporated into one abt women n dis brings abt d clarity of d simplicity dat lies between a woman. Indid I Love dis piece n thumbs up to my wonderful fween Ugochi aka Guchy. Kip d fire burning

    1. #Gbam. Very well said. Thank you Sir

  5. Marley says:

    Wonderful Piece……ur on ur way to becoming a great writer Big ups to the composer….i believe with good mentoring ul do great things #Guchy #WriterExtraordinaire

    1. Thanks Marley…..stay blessed

  6. juliet says:

    Great great article!!! Well done dear and thanks 4 sharing. You’re d best:)

    1. Blushing….thanks sweetheart

  7. ik says:

    Well there is no luv limitation in tru relatnshp n also no one is actually perfect.everybody is attatched to one flaw or d other but den tru luv must have its way

  8. ik says:

    On d other hand undrstanding is pivotal in any tru relatnshp coz at times one partner cud be dancing a diff tune whilst his/her spouse was strugling to build their home.
    Well written

  9. Onwuegbuchi Nneoma says:

    This is mindblowing. I totally love it. Thumbs up gucciano. That’s my babe!

    1. yipeeeeeee….thank you very much on behalf of Gucciano and myself…*wink*

  10. Dvd says:


    1. wow…..Merci Beaucoup

  11. Adeola Oba says:

    so much love and hope my guy would read this and digest

  12. Danny Omollo says:

    Am touched really touched!!this is exectly wat av been trying to tell myself all along in so many difrent way en words…u jst summarised my thoughts…big up bro!!nice piece

    1. Hi Danny. Thank you. I appreciate you taking out time to drop a comment. Gracias

  13. Bontle says:

    Sir, this is just a perfect way to tell men how simple we are. I love this and it helped me to even understand myself as a woman. One man asked me what my expectations are and I copied this and sent it to him. His response was, “i need Jesus!” hahaha. I wish more women would read this and we stop settling for less. Thank you

    1. Such a heart warming comment. Made me smile. God bless you. I need to meet you. You sound terrific. Please send your detials to kingkurtissmith@gmail.com if you don’t mind. God bless you again. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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