A Woman’s Role in Her Man’s Life


Women are amazing. Women are a breath of fresh air in the testosterone filled world of men. Women bring a level of organization, sophistication, tenderness, softness, sweetness, tenderness that men will forever lack. Women have long been marginalized, made to believe that they are inferior to men and often considered the ‘weaker sex’.
This level of injustice has caused a level of gender equality drive that has seen women become able to vote, drive, hold major political offices and achieve things unfathomable 100 years ago. This drive for equality begs the question; “Why did God create woman? What’s her mission on Earth and What is her role in a man’s life?”

Let’s go back to the beginning of life in Genesis 2:7 where God created man from the dust of the ground. Then in Genesis 2:18 where God said “It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helper suitable for him”. This decision prompted Him to create the Woman (Eve) in Genesis 2:22. As evidenced in the Bible, the woman was created to ‘help’ her man. Help is the key word not dominate her man or be dominated by her man. A man’s life and work is supposed to be better after the arrival of a woman. It’s no secret that many women are looking for already made man whom they can live off whereas a smart God fearing woman is looking for a man with vision to help grow and build his brand. A woman is a crown to her man not a thorn in his flesh. If a man chased a thousand, with his woman, they shall chase ten thousand, not two thousand (Deuteronomy 32:30).

I conducted a mini research of Forbes’ richest people in the world and I made a shocking discovery. Over 80% of men on that list were richer after getting married than they were while single. This is proof of the positive impact of a woman on a man’s life and business. A woman of valour adds flavour to a man’s life. If a man is raw beans and palm oil, his woman is the pepper, maggi, onions, crayfish and even fried plantain…lol

In other words, the woman completes her man. Instead of the world preaching the demonic message of women being equal to men in all ramifications, we need to tell our women that she is the life wire her man needs. A woman is supposed to be her man’s confidant, special advisor, trustee, manager, accountant, wife, sister, boss, best friend, sweetheart, lover and teacher. Your role in your man’s life is not to intimidate him (men are egotistic in nature), your role is not to ‘mother’ him (he probably had/has a mother, he doesn’t need two), your role is not to change him (you can try but change they say comes from within not by force). You should not even try to change him. He should want to be a better man because of you. Your task is to make sure a man is better with you than without you. If he is without you, your absence should be felt, he should know he is missing someone important.

Your role is to pray for your man, sing his praises, encourage him, do anything to make him happy, feed his ego. If you are doing what you are meant to do, your man will have no choice but to respect you (he will know your worth). Proverbs 30:10-31 talks about the woman of valour and picking some verses; Verse 12: ‘she brings him (her man) good, not harm all the days of her life’. Verse 23 ‘her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land’. Verse 28 ‘her children call her blessed and her husband sings her praises’.

I boldly say to you that if your man is jobless, there is something you are doing wrong. If your man is not happy, there is something you are doing wrong. If your man is not better off now than when he met you, then there is something you are doing wrong. If your man is skinny, there is something you are doing wrong. If he always looks unkept with rumpled shirts nd suits, there is something you are doing wrong. A man is a project and you are the project manager.

I am not in anyway saying that a woman should not have her own dreams, her own passion, her own vision, her own aspirations. She should have the above and even more but a smart woman knows where to strike the balance. Your dreams can be higher than your husband’s dreams but never feel higher than your husband. A story of note is the one told by Dr. Chike Akunyili (Late Dora Akunyili’s husband). Its no secret that she attained heights, accomplished things, won awards and recognition that would take most women even men hundreds of years to accomplish. Her husband was almost always in her shadow pertaining to National and International prominence but writing after her sad passing, he said “it will take me time to get over Dora. Dora was a professor but when she served food for me, she would hold water for me to wash my hands. I would tell her to allow another person do that but she would say, ‘no; I was your wife before becoming a professor’. She calls me daddy. She doesn’t do anything without my consent, she respects me above any other person. She treats me like a King even though we know she’s the Queen”. That’s a woman of valour. Be the woman that her man can’t do without, don’t be the woman that can’t do without a man.

Vote of thanks to Chisom Chiegboka for her feminine touch to this article. God bless.

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  1. fullhaose says:

    Fantastic piece you’ve got here my guy. God bless ur mind.

    1. You again. With your blessing filled words. Amen o. God bless you too Sir

  2. hallyb says:

    Thanks for the message. Very uplifting dear. Keep doing what u do n God grant u more beautiful ideas dearie

    1. Wow. That’s wonderful to know. They uplift me the writer too. Amen. Thank you so very much

  3. precious says:

    So grateful to God he can use your to touch people’s lives. You are indeed a blessing with your words of advice. Every thing that comes outta your mouth is richly filled with food for thought. Keep it going

    1. This is exactly why I was led to opening this blog. even if it’s only you that gets blessed from these articles, I am fulfilled. God bless you for the encouraging words. Means alot

  4. sparklez says:

    Yaay dis article!can believe a man can seat down $ compose a worthy meaningful peice of words\comment to his fellow who thought women re peice of shit”no woman have right to question me no mater whom she think she is”No dearie!dis d women’s world if u give them chance they wil prove d best in them.more greese to al d crew dat made dis article a sucess,to my world best kid sist Gucci!!kudos…

  5. Adeola Oba says:

    women are the flavor to man’s food. God bless for the word

  6. Sonia says:

    this is more than a beautiful masterpiece. it is soul inspiring, vision reawakening, thank you.

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