How To Handle Pain Using The Bum Smacking Technique


I was watching a documentary on child birth when I saw that almost every child that exited their mother’s birth canal was immediately smacked in the bum. As the baby is hit on the bum, it begins to cry and there was this evil smile on the mid wife’s face. As first I was like “why do these midwives have to make babies enter into the World crying?..this is pure wickedness” I thought silently.

It was not until I found out the purpose behind this ‘bum smacking’ procedure that my ideology about it changed. According to an article I read online via, “the unborn baby does not breathe through her mouth and nose while in the womb, the baby develops in an environment filled with amniotic fluid. Unlike your lungs, which expand and contract during breathing, an unborn baby’s lungs are undeveloped, un-inflated and filled with amniotic fluid. Instead, the developing fetus receives all of the benefits of breathing, including oxygen, with help from the mother.
The baby takes his first breath when he cries for the first time after birth. Some babies cry on their own, while others need a little help from the doctor or nurses using the “bum smacking’ procedure. The newborn baby gasps as he experiences the abrupt change in environment that follows birth. The umbilical cord is cut and the newborn begins to use his lungs. Now that the baby is breathing on his own, inhaling and exhaling as his lungs inflate and the amniotic fluid drains away, more blood flows to his lungs and blood vessels as oxygen moves through the body and carbon dioxide is expelled.” In other words, the baby crying inadvertently saves his own life.

The same applies to life. Life is filled with hurdles and challenges. These ‘not so enjoyable’ aspects of life are not to punish us or to make us deterred. They are not to make us feel bad, discouraged or question God’s love for us. When your ex-boyfriend jilted you, when your friend betrayed you, when your siblings accused you, when life told you that you weren’t good enough, when you saw no light at the end of the tunnel, when you thought all hope was lost. All these are life’s ways of smacking us in the bum and as the baby, all we have to do is BREATHE, get past it, learn valuable lessons and move on stronger and better.

Life will bring its challenges, temptations, ups and downs, heartbreaks, discouragments, betrayals. All these happen to make us breathe. To force air (optimism) into our lungs (minds), blood into our blood vessels (energy) and as oxygen (positivity) moves through the body, carbon dioxide (negativity) is expelled. This helps make us stronger, better equipped, making us learn life’s hard lessons, making us appreciate the little things in life. The fact is that life will smack you in the bum, its not a probability, its a fact. Life will smack each of us in the bum, some of us will BREATHE and move on stronger while others will choke and live their lives in mediocrity and eventually in regret.

See life’s challenges as a smack in the bum and an opportunity to rise above adversity, a chance to shine, an opportunity to show what you are made of, an opportunity to stand up and be counted. Life doesn’t give you what you deserve but what you demand and before life gives you what you demand, it will throw obstacles and challenges at you to make sure you are deserving/worthy of your demand. When life tests your mettle, don’t quiver and fold, stand strong, firm and positive and always remember that when life smacks you in the bum, if you have to cry, cry but don’t forget to BREATHE.

How Do Babies Breathe in the Womb by Gail Sessoms for accessed via:

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