Ladies Only: 15 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Breasts


Today (13/10/14) is World Breast Cancer Day 2014 and to mark this momentous occasion, all ladies are admonished to go bra-less today. If you have double D’s please don’t attempt it because you might cause havoc in public. But on a serious note, breast cancer has claimed the lives of millions and according to research, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women (out ranked only by lung cancer). A woman’s risk of breast cancer approximately doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. About 15% of women who get breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it. And on a positive note, millions of women have survived breast cancer but your chances of survival lies with early detection. To this effect, I have compiled a list of self help tips to care for your breasts/boobs/melons/jugs/tatas/booby (any name you call them). Enjoy and please share.

1. Eat a healthy diet: I’m sure you didn’t know that the type of food you eat affects your breasts but it does. Eating a well balanced diet of vegetable, good quality meats and proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense foods is essential to being vital and healthy. Make sure to get plenty of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant rich foods. Buy as much organic foods as you can to avoid genetically modified foods and harmful chemicals.  And reduce the amount of processed sugars and simple carbohydrates in your diet, both things that create inflammation and acidity in the body.

2. Wear the right bra: I asked a few friends of mine their bra sizes but only a few actually knew (or were sure). Most do the test and buy routines before purchasing bras while others let their mums or sisters buy their bras for them. Its imperative you know your bra size. Its also important you wear your size. Don’t wear something too tight or something to loose. A bra too tight would literally compress your boobs, giving them no room to breathe and leaving marks on them after you remove the bra. A bra too loose will make you boobs sag faster because they don’t hold the breasts in a steady position making it bounce up and down unnecessary causing strain on the muscles surrounding them. If your bra causes you pain or discomfort. Please change them.

3. Clean bras: The breasts are very sensitive just like the vagina. But whereas the vagina has a self cleansing mechanism, the breasts doesn’t. So you need to take good care of them yourself hence changing your bra everyday is important. If you stayed at home all day or you stay in cold environments then its safe to use them for 2 or 3 days but if you go to work, entered hot sun and you were all sweaty. Then its important to change them as soon as you can.

4. Shower at night: When my baby sister was growing up, I was always drumming into her ears the “girls should shower at least twice a day” lecture. A guy’s body isn’t as sensitive as a girls so the need to shower at least twice a day is imperative. When showing, scrub your breasts with sponge but not the nipple because of their sensitivity. Just soap and water should be fine.

5. No bra sleep: Its amazing and sad how many ladies sleep with bras. You have breasts that you caged all day and at night which is their time to relax and enjoy fresh air, you are caging them again. Wickedness. As I explained earlier, your breasts need to breathe and there is no better time to do so than at night. Please no more bras at night and just to add, no panties to sleep too because your vagina needs as much air as possible if you don’t want it all smelly.

6. Do regular checkups: Examining your breasts on a regular basis is a great habit. Get to know your breasts. By so doing, if there any changes in your breast tissue, you will know. You don’t have to go to a hospital to have your breasts checked. You can check your breasts regularly by pressing the fleshy area in between the nipples and your chest. If a lump is detected (God forbid), go to the hospital for further checks.

7. Handle carefully: You have a boyfriend/husband who handles your breasts like a spoilt child handling inflated balloons, no wonder your breasts are all saggy. There is a rumour that the ‘saggier’ a girl’s breasts, its an indication that it has been unduely ‘pressed’ by men. There is an atom of truth to it but not entirely. I know a girl who’s breasts are firm but have been pressed by many guys (she told me) and I know another who’s breasts are saggy and she can count with one hand how many men have touched them. My point, don’t let men mal handle them. They are precious and should be treated with utmost care. He wants to press, small small…lol. Men are over excited by breasts. Read the article titled “7 Reasons Why Men Like Breasts” via: to know why.

8. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink: Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. It’s recommended to have no more than 1 drink per day.

9. Maintain a healthy weight: We all have a different ideal weight for our body. Try to stay in a healthy range for YOU. Obesity raises the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause when breast cancer most often occurs.

10. Avoid harmful chemicals in your beauty products: Do you check the contents on the creams you rub on them? From now on, you should. There are many dangerous and toxic substances used in beauty products these days. And many are now being linked to increased risks of health issues and cancers. Read about parabens (they are one of the most common preservatives used in products like deodorants, shampoos, and body lotions) and their link to aggressive cancer tumors.

11. Move your body: Research suggests that increased physical activity, even when begun later in life, reduces overall breast-cancer risk by about 10 percent to 30 percent. Try exercising occasionally. If you have to jog, wear sports bras not the normal ones. A moderate exercise like a 30-minute walk five days a week will do the trick.

12. Don’t Smoke: I am not a fan of smoking and I don’t judge those that do but I find it hard to comprehend ladies that smoke. Not only does smoking reduce your bride price (in my but smoking cigarettes is associated with increased risk of breast cancer in women and is terrible for your body in so many other ways.

13. Cut down on stress and emotional fatigue: Stress has a way of showing on the body especially the breasts. Don’t stress yourself. Carrying so much emotional baggage from past relationships, family, friends that betrayed you etc has a way of making you age faster and affecting your breasts. Let go and let God punish all your hates one after the other…lol.

NOTE: You don’t need gigantic breasts to be admired. Appreciate the breasts that God gave you no matter the size. No need for push up bras and deceiving No need for breasts implants (who are you fooling?). Take good care of them and don’t forget to show cleavage once in a while (once in a while o, Naija babes *raised eyebrow*).

If you are married, then these bonus tips are for you. If you are single, then please don’t read any further.

14. Breastfeed your babies for as long as possible: Not only is breast feeding good for your baby, it’s good for you as well.  One study estimates that you reduce your risk 4.1 per cent for every 12 months of breast feeding. So the longer that you breast feed, the better it is for your breast health (and your baby!!)  It is assumed that the lower levels of estrogen in the body during lactation is responsible for the reduction in risk.  The hormone estrogen fuels 80% of all breast cancers.

15. Have them sucked: Its no secret that men love breasts and derive joy sucking or playing with them. The more your breasts are sucked gently, the healthier they are and the more they are smooched, the better chances of detection of a tumor. Make sure your husband sucks your breasts every now and then whether it leads to sex or not. Trust me on this one.

Happy Breast Cancer Day 2014 and God bless those that have lost loved ones by this disease.

Reference: Love Your Breasts ~ 10 Simple Self-Care Tips by Katja on

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  1. honey says:

    thanks kurtis….
    you are a saviour in human form…..
    God bless your knowledge…..

  2. Ogechi says:

    This article is wonderful. Thank You. ‘Am blessed.

    1. Very comforting to hear Ogechi. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate

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