10 Things I Look For In My Dream Woman


This is a personal list of 10 things that I look for in my wife to be. It might sound outrageous to some people but leave am for me like that *tongue out*. So let’s proceed:

1. Someone once asked me if I was a boobs guy or an ass guy meaning do I prefer a girl with big breasts or one with a big ass. I replied “I am a flat tummy kind of guy”. I have dated a girl with one of the biggest breasts in the whole school and another with an ass that would make Nicki Minaj envious but none has caught my fancy like the babe I dated with a flat tummy. The type that you could balance a glass of water on. Sexy.

2. The aura I look out for in a girl is confidence. A girl’s confidence in herself (self esteem) and her body (whether fat or skinny) is a major turn on. When I see confident girls, I stand in awe with mouth agaze and mind blown away. I’ll take a short confident girl over a tall model-like unconfident one anyday anytime.

3. I can never spend a day with a girl who lacks a good sense of humour. You meet a girl that doesn’t know how to take jokes, she doesn’t understand jokes, she have jokes always straight to the point and fullstop..what a bore. Sense of humour makes an ugly woman look attractive and lack of it makes a beautiful girl look morose.

4. There is nothing sweeter than a cautious lady. I remember buying a friend food and the way she thanked me, you would think she hadn’t eaten in days. I am talking about the kind of girl that words like “please, thank you very much, you are amazing, God bless you” are part of her daily vocabulary.

5. No man wants a liability, every man is looking for an asset. Whether she’s in school or gainfully employed or has her own business or selling stuff or making hair. she’s not idling away and whiling away time. She’s on a mission not to depend on any man not even her father. She’s working hard to become a rich wife and not lazying about waiting for a rich husband.

6. There is nothing more captivating than a lazy who loves learning new things. I once met a lady that could drive, swim, cook, bake, sew, run and owned her own modelling agency. She has embarked on a journey of self improvement by learning new things and stretching her capabilities. Very admirable.

7. A lady that accords her boyfriend/fiance/husband the level of reference/respect that all men crave for is a woman of valour. The type that never talks back at her man, never insults him in public, never second guesses him, never questions his authority.

8. I tell guys that if you find a girl that loves watching football or playing video games or playing sports. Please marry her or introduce me to her for marriage. Living with a woman that derives joy in watching sports or discussing politics with me is a dream come true.

9. I will rather marry a woman that loves God more than she loves me than a woman that loves me more than she loves God. A woman that loves God above all. Another level of love is love for her parents. This is the formular:
Before marriage: A woman/man should love God first, her family second and her boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/fiancee third.
During marriage: A woman/man should love God first, her husband second, her children third and then her family (father, mother and siblings) fourth.

10. Last but not the least. Every man’s favourite is his stomach and his ‘third leg’. Every man loves a woman that is a chef in the kitchen and a porn star in bed and I am no different. My wife would teach me how to cook but I will surely teach her how to solve maths in bed *wink*. That’s what I call, division of labour.

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