Your Anger is Like A Woman’s Nipples (Guard It Jealously)


No matter how much cleavage or side boobs a woman reveals, as long as you haven’t seen her nipples, you haven’t seen her nakedness.
Nipples is the femininity of a woman because that’s what feeds a baby and it also feeds her husband *wink*.
In that light, boobs can be likened to someone’s temperament while nipples is your anger. People will always see your personality, what you stand for, what makes you smile, what makes you happy, your principles, your do’s and don’t’s, your mettle, what makes you tick, what excites you, what annoys. But one thing you should never let people see is your anger so guard it jealously. Your anger is like a woman’s nipples and once its seen, your nakedness is exposed, your weakness is out in the open. Anger is destructive. Anger is repulsive. Anger is loosing control. When someone is angry, the person looses all sense of decency, the person is infuriated, the person is vexed, the person’s ego is bruised. In a bid to save face, to restore pride and self worth. The person could use venomous words. The person could become aggressive. Some even use physical violence. The person could also say things that could hurt the other person.
As soon as someone succeeds in getting you angry, you have handed over control of yourself to the person. Your anger is your nakedness. Don’t let people succeed in getting you angry and even if they do, don’t ever show it. Hold your cool. Maintain a calm composure. Guard your nipples jealously.

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