A Priest, The Devil and The Boot of A Car


The time was 8:32pm on a Thursday evening and I was in a quick dash to board a public transport that would take me to a bus stop where a friend was waiting for me. As I was walking by a Catholic Church, I overheard a message by a Priest which stopped me in my tracks. As I listened and assimilated, it dawned on me that I had to listen to this message and forego my trip to see this friend. I positioned myself close to one of the parked cars in the church car pack, took out my phone (I didn’t have a note and pen) and started writing the message below:

……the enemy I am referring to here is Satan.
When he enters, he paralyzes everything. When you make money but don’t spend it, the enemy is at work. When people labour and toil for a project and they don’t get reimbursed, the enemy is at work. When you have money to do something good but something negative like sickness, debts come up to dissipate the money, the enemy is at work.
Ignorance is the strongest tool of the enemy.
When we pray, we think the enemy is out there but most times, the enemy is on our inside. Until you figure out the ploys the enemy uses to wallop your possessions, you will continually be caught in a state of denial and counter blames. These are the four ways the enemy can gain access to you:

1. Unforgiveness: Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Unforgiveness eats you up. It denies you access to God. It makes you physically, mentally and spiritually unhealthy. It makes you loose peace, stability and joy.
Let go and let God. No matter what the person has done, forgive them not because they deserve it but to make yourself better and whole.

2. Unhealthy relationships: Relationships that don’t add to you, malicious relationships, pre-marital sexual relationships, unhealthy relationships, manipulative relationships. Don’t be too attached to people, not even your spouse. If they leave, they don’t belong. If they stay, they belong. Don’t focus on the pass, focus on the future. You will be alright.
The story of my niece comes to mind. She got impregnated by a boy who promised her marriage but ended up deserting her. She called me crying and saying “Daddy, how am I going to survive?” and I told her, “My daughter, dry your eyes, you keep asking how you are going to survive without him, okay let me ask you.
Is he your God?
Is he going to provide for you?
Is he going to protect you?
Is he going to prosper you?
My daughter, remove your gaze from man and focus it on God.”
I prayed for her, told her to move on. Now she’s married with a baby boy.
Now I am telling you, MOVE ON. Get over that stupid boy or that stupid girl because there is someone special waiting for you. Stop wasting your time on the wrong person.

3. Occultic involvement: If your grandfather was involved in occultic relationships, it might affect you now. Some people worship Jesus small and worship other gods small. When you do this, you open the door for the enemy to oppress you. The Bible even says that you can’t worship God and mammon. You are either hot or cold, you can’t be both.

4. Family bondage: When the family……..

I didn’t get to finish the message because my friend called and told me she was at the bus stop waiting, so I had to leave my seat (ontop the boot of a car). It was indeed a powerful message that touched me deep down. Till today, I don’t know the Priest that preached this message but God bless him.



Acknowledgment: To Mr. Emmanuel Iwuchukwu @emabounty for his sometimes disturbingly annoying “where is the message that you told me the Priest preached as you were passing the church” pings. If not for him, this article wouldn’t be published this soon. Thank you bro.

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