Stop Domestic Violence – Patoranking


I fell in love with Patoranking’s song Girlie “O” the song the first day I heard it but the video is one of a kind. The video brings alive, the story of a lady trapped in domestic abuse. Patoranking offers her a way out of it all, but she spurns his kindness, choosing to return to her abusive partner with the excuse that she can’t leave him because she loves him.

In this age where artistes fill their music videos with nudity, bum shaking, weed, partying, beautiful models in a bid to cover up their lack of content, this video has a message. A message that domestic violence must be nipped in the bud. A message that its not okay for a man to beat up a woman because he can. A message that its not justifiable to assault a woman. A message that a woman shouldn’t die in silence while her partner punches her to death. A message that men that beat women should be made to pay for their brutality. A message that a woman should never stay with an abusive partner. A message that beating a woman is a cowardly act. A message that a man that beats you is not genuinely in love with you because genuine love doesn’t hurt, genuine love would not seek to damage your face, genuine love doesn’t want to see you bruised, genuine love doesn’t cause intentional pain. A message that a genuine lover will not beat you, slap you, kick you, punch you, abuse you either physically, emotionally or even psychologically. A message that a rich man doesn’t equal a good man.
The part of the video when she said she couldn’t leave her abusive partner because she loves him literally brought tears to my eyes because I know someone dear to me in that state of blind love. I could go on and on about the video so I’ll just let you watch it.

Download the video HERE

Big ups to Patoranking for an amazing video.


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