If You Are Not Linda Ikeji, Stop Gossip Talk

gossip time

There are two rules by which I adhere to in my quest for a happy trouble free life and they are;
Don’t gossip about someone else with me because I won’t support the gist. Don’t tell me what someone said about me because its their right to have an opinion of me and also my right to let it bother me or not and I choose not to even entertain it. When someone comes to you with the gist of how Peter and Stephanie at the office who are both married to different partners were seen holding hands or how Felicia was seen leaving the lecturer’s office late at night. Your reply shouldn’t be “wow, are you serious, please tell me more”. It should be “so what does that have to do with me?”
When someone else approaches you with religious talk like “what’s your take on the collapse of T.B Joshua’s building and subsequent bribing scandal affecting him” or “what’s your take on the divorce scandal rocking Pastor Chris Oyakhilome” or “what’s your take on the riches of Pastors like Bishop David Oyedepo”. Your reply should be, “how does it affect the price of garri in the market but if you insist on an answer, please read Matthew 7:1-5”.
Make sure gossip stops with you. Gossiping is the occupation of idle minds who don’t have enough work to do. It is also the domain of workers who have mindless jobs to do – jobs they can do without thinking and thus have to occupy themselves with inane chatter, tittle tattle, rumors, lies and malicious stories.
If you are not Linda Ikeji who has skillfully turned gossip talk (blogging) about celebrities into a money making franchise from whence she has become not only self sufficient but a millionaire then look for better avenues to spend your valuable time.

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