Bitching is Bad For Your Health


Bitching is the mundane habit of always complaining about one thing or the other. “Bitchers” (my are those that complain/moan/bitch about almost everything under the sun. From the country is not good to the President is not the right man for the job to there is not light to there is no money to the economy is useless. These are the types of people you will never see me hang around twice and neither should you. Complaining is like yawning, the closer you are to the complainer, the more infectious it becomes. The same way spending time with smokers, hard drug takers, drinkers would clearly increase your chances of trying them out. So does hanging around people that complain all the time. They are kill joys. Those that focus on the negatives ignoring the positives. Those that see bad in the midst of good.
Moaning is a time wasting device invented by sad people who don’t have enough work to do. Moaning is pointless. It is unproductive and achieves nothing. All it does is:
* Identifies you as idle, petty and trivial.
* Encourages you to turn the corners of your mouth down.
*Zaps away positive energy from your system.
* Wastes time.
*Makes you a magnet to other moaners.
*Gets you a reputation as someone who doesn’t offer anything productive or helpful
*Demotivates you and sets up a vicious circle.
*Makes you feel bad about your circumstances.
Okay tell me, how moaning and complaining helps solve any problem. If the blacks in America just kept complaining about racism and never took actions to curb it, racism would have been on a greater scale than it is now. Only if you have an idea or opinion of how you can change the situation, there is no point complaining about it. Shut up. Bitching about others invariably takes place behind their backs. Next time you feel the need for a good bitch about someone, make yourself go and do it to their face. If you can’t, then shut up and mind your business. Stop bitching and start doing.

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