10 Reasons Life Is Getting Harder For Men

men hard

Life is getting very hard for men. The hardstick for malehood was formely the lands owned, the productivity of the farms, the beauty of wife and children but now, the yardstick has evolved into big houses, millions in the bank account, cars, power and importance. Below are a few ways life has gotten harder for men

1. Limited amount of wives: This is by far the biggest grievance we have with God. How can God allow Solomon have 700 wives and 300 cuncubines, David had 8 wives but we can only have just one. God just one? This is injustice.

2. Expensive wedding ceremonies: In the olden days, even in my grandfather’s days, weddings were very cheap. You pay bride price, you do small traditional wedding and white wedding if you please. At the reception, crates of Limca, Parle Soda, Fanta, Coke and cheap rice and meat. Now, if you don’t have bottles of champaigne, wines, crates of expensive drinks coupled with different types of assorted food, then you haven’t even started. The annoying part is that 55% of people that attend wedding receptions in Nigeria have no idea who is actually getting married.

3. School fees: In the olden days, the public schools were very good educational and were almost free but now the public schools are a shadow of itself. The private schools came to the rescue but at a high cost. You can imagine some Primary school’s fees are enough to buy a very good tukombo car.

4. Women and their insatiable needs: There was nothing like DSTV that brought Telemundo, Hollywood movies, MTV in the olden days. Now, the introduction of MTV, Hollywood has brought about a new desire among our women. A desire to evolve from the didi and weaving era to the Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair era. A desire to evolve from the Nokia 3310 era to the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 5 era. A desire to leave the wrapper era to expensive Louis Vuitton, Gucci era. A desire to evolve from the “take-a-girl-to-the-river-and-play-splashing-water (cost=N0) era to the “take-a-girl-to-the-cinema-and-Chinese-Restaurant-and-buy-her-sharwarma-with-icecream (cost=Nothing less than N10k) era. Life is difficult for us mehn.

5. Male grooming wahala: Men are making life difficult for other men too. With the annoying advancement of male grooming where guys are beginnning to look like celebrities and models by wearing sophisticated outfits, expensive shirts, shoes, wristwatches etc. In the olden days, with your wrapper and slippers, any woman would love you.

6. The Problem of Technology: In the olden days, you like a babe you walk up to her, take a stroll round the village and the rest is history. Now, you will have to spend money on credit to call her all the time, spend so much time on bbm/whastapp chatting her up, send her credit/bis money etc. Even in those days, as long as you look clean and have a bicycle, any girl will respond favourably but now, if you don’t drive a car, forget it.

7. No more flesh: In the olden days, way before the introduction of skinny girls as models, our girls were voluminous packed with plenty flesh, curves and places to hold. But now, our girls are getting skinnier all in the name of looking sexy thereby leaving no room for a man to manuever. End time approaches.

8. The scandalous dress sense: In the olden days, our ladies wore clothes that covered 80% of their bodies exposing just areas like face, hands and neck but now, they leave nothing to a man’s imagination. Most times only 40% of a lady’s body is covered, the remaining exposed 60% is busy oppressing a guy’s eyes. According to Basket Mouth, in the olden days, if you want to see a woman’s nyash, you open her pant. Now if you want to see a woman’s pant, you open her nyash (g-string/thong wahala). Seriously is life getting any easier for men? GOSH

9. Women and their equality fight: In the olden days, the wives were mostly housewives. A man gets back from the farm and his food is hot and ready and his clothes washed and ironed and the children are well looked after. When he is ready to explore ‘Jerusalem’ *wink*, she is always fit and ready. Now, our wives want to work for themselves also, they leave for work the same time a man leaves and some come back even later than the man. The man comes back and has to buy food from outside or comes to warm his own food in the microwave. The children are kept in the care of the housegirl. The clothes? Wife wash them? Never. The man hires the services of drycleaners to wash and iron his clothes. Then when all is said and done, he wants to explore ‘Jerusalem’ but she refuses because she is too tired from work. MALE CRUELTY.

10. High cost of living: In those days, there were only huts for housing, bicycles for transportation but now, even renting a flat in Lagos would eat into your monthly salary talkless of buying cars for transportation.

Life is really geting difficult for men generally. Someone would ask, isn’t life getting difficult for women too? Yes but that’s a woman’s fault. Who asked you to become a career women, who asked you to start a business, who asked you to work for salary. Why not follow the hardstick set by the olden days women and just become a loving and respectful housewife..lol.

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  1. skillful says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha Mr cool u Ave done a nice job dear.

    1. Thanks skillful. We are following your footsteps…*winks*

  2. Stifler Dre says:

    Lol, I love this.

    1. Yippeeeee…Thanks bro and thanks also for sharing the article on your blackberry messenger profile. God bless

  3. olawumi says:

    This is a very nice piece….. LoooooooL… I love it

    1. Awwwww…..thanks dear. I thought only guys would love the article, guess I was wrong.

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