My Dad: The Jealous and Over Protective Lover

gun father

Story by Tracy Charles:

I have an amazing, loving, caring super dad. He’s always been there for my sisters and I appreciate and love him for all he’s done. I’m sure my dad wanted a boy but according to Biology which says a man is responsible for the gender of a child, he could only manage to give my mother “xy” chromosomes which meant my mum could only give him 4 lovely and beautiful daughters including me. *wink*

I have always heard tales of men been over protective of their daughters and leaving the sons to enjoy life. Now imagine a man married to a Lieutenant commander in the Navy and has 4 daughters and no son. Our case has been a case of the jealous lover. The type that loves his spouse so much that he tracks her every move, monitors her calls and tracks the male friends she makes. My father is like a jealous lover. In fact he’s more than that, my dad is a monitoring spirit. He’s like your shadow.

To put it into contest, you can’t answer a call from a male friend in his presence. Even if you say his your course mate there would be trouble. He doesn’t think any other guy should be in your life. My dad’s favorite prayer is “Any man that looks at my daughters with bad eye, father blind them instantly”. If my dad and I are taking a stroll and a guy says hi to me or as much as even look at me, my dad is ready to kill him. I remember the day my dad and I went out and this guy in a jeep came down, said hi to me and said “I love your eyes”. I’m sure he didn’t know the man I was with was my dad. He went as far as touching my hands while he commented on my eyes.
My dad just turned and slapped the living day light out of him and seized his car keys. He called military boys for him, you know I am from a military family (my mum being a Lt Cdr in the Navy). People kept begging my dad to have mercy on the poor boy. I was just thinking to myself that just because of this little thing the boy did. I was so embarrassed.

My dad is strictest person I know but underneath that metal of strictness is a loving and sweet heart. I remember vividly the day he saw a text on my phone while I was in high school. In the text the guy was saying his gonna get me cake and ice cream to prove his love for me. After my dad saw the text, he ordered for a full cake and a bucket of ice cream. I wasn’t aware he had seen that text so I just eat the ice cream n cake with my sisters oblivious of the true intentions behind his sweet gesture. While we were eating he said “whatever any man or boy would say he would do for you girls I would do it 1 million times extra”. He then proceeded to scolding me about the text. He might be harsh and over protective but his iron fisted approach and love has kept us in check. As for the guy that was slapped because of me. If you read this, please contact Kurtis Smith, I owe you a date.

My commentary:
Its a funny story but one that teaches a valuable lesson on the love, jealousy and affection of a father to his daughter(s).
For a man who has only daughters and no son. For a man that has lived life as a young man bouncing his charming toasting lyrics off the ears of one girl after the other. For a man who wakes up everyday to hear the news of one pregnant girl or the other, one heartbroken girl on the other, one dead girl or the other. I can sympathize with his ‘military’ approach to raising his daughters. I have known Tracy for years now and she’s the most mature teenage girl I have ever met. I’m sure her dad has something to do with this.

I believe in the passage “train up a child in the way she should grow and when she is old she will not depart from it”. She is only 19 years old with three sisters aged 17, 15 and 12 years. I believe her dad is still this protective because not only the fact that he loves them, but he believes they are still ‘children’ that he hasn’t finished

Morale of the story:
For a girl, her father’s love and support is the difference between a heartbreak prone, love seeking, affection hungry girl and a heartbreak defiant, love lavished and affection filled girl. When a girl knows her father loves her and desires to never see her hurt, she approaches life/guys/relationships/love with a different approach. A non-desperate approach.

Story by Tracy Charles
Written by Kurtis Smith.

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