Message To A Heartbroken Girl


Goodmorning Smith. Please I Want to seek advice from you. I met this guy in church who tried all his best to get my attention. After a while I succumbed to his persistence and gave him my number. After a month or so, we became close and started a ‘relationship’. I went to his house one of those days and he tried having sex with me but I told him that I have been celibate for a year and intended on maintaining it. He reluctantly agreed but weeks later we finally sex. Two months passed and he started misbehaving. He started showing me his true color like shouting at me, not picking my calls and responding nonchanlantly to my inquests. I got tired of his insensitivity towards me and decided to let him be for a month or so. It’s been four months now and each time I keep seeing different girls on his dp. I am just so unhappy right now because I broke my celibacy with the wrong person. I dont know if I should curse him or just free him because I am so angry now. I am even beginning to hate guys generally. What do you think I should do. Thou I dont want him back because he is dead to me.
From: Miss D.B.O

There is something I want to tell you and I want you to listen good *drawing your ears*. No man on earth should determine your mood. Nobody on earth should determine when you are happy or sad. No man on earth can love you like you love yoursef. Okay, you made a mistake. You are not the only one. Millions of ladies make the same mistake and some are in the mistake now. Sweerie I know girls that were disvirgined by idiots, or some were even raped…some were decieved…yours isn’t as bad as you are making it out to be. Its just celibacy he broke not virginity. You can start a brand new one. From the last time you had sex till now is the start of a new celibate period. Leave the past one. The next move to make is forgiveness. Forgive him for hurting you. Forgive him for playing ludo with your heart.
You’re not forgiving him for his sake but for your own sake. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting him to die.
You will age faster if you keep on harbouring unforgiveness.You will become depressed. You could even be suicidal.
Is he worth it? Is he worth making you depressed? Is he worth making you cry yoursef to sleep? The same guy that doesn’t care about ur feelings? If your answer is yes then carry on!…But if no is the answer, my dear….it’s gonna be hard but smile because shit happens and move on.
Move on because its best for you.
Move on because your happiness depends on it.
Move on because your physical health depends on it.
Move on because your spiritual health depends on it.
Move on becos your mental health depends on it.
Move on becos your emotional health depends on it.
The best way to get back at someone like that is not crying and wailing…its smarting up, smiling and moving on.
He see you next time, you should be looking healthy.
He see you next time, you should be looking finer.
He see you next time, you should looking sweeter.
He see you next time, you should be looking more vibrant.
The best way to get back at someone that broke your heart is moving on like they meant nothing. You see them, you smile and hug them.
You ask them “How are you doing? long time. Hope you are doing great. Haven’t seen you in a while”.
You move on!….
Once beaten twice shy they say. You have been beaten already. Learn from your mistakes sweerie and move on.
…and as for hating all men. Don’t be like the girl that says all men are dogs or all men are the same. Not all men are the same. Don’t hate men because of what a boy did to you. True Love is out there!…don’t miss it because of the pain and regret you feel from heartbreak. Love will only find you if you are ready for it and the only way you can be ready for it is by deleting unforgiveness from your heart and sowing seeds of cheerfulness and happiness.
You are beautiful!
Move on baby girl.
*hugs and kisses*


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