Personal Tribute To Pastor Kingsley and Pastor Mildred Okonkwo On Their 9th Wedding Anniversary

mama and papa

In October 2010, I was looking for a Bible believing and faith provoking church to attend when I came across an advert for a church program online (I still believe till today that it was the Holy Spirit that showed it to me).
It was a program by a church in Amuwo Odofin called David’s Christian Center tagged 10/10/10 Praise and Worship Fest (or something like that). I attended the Sunday service and saw the Pastor was wearing jeans and a shirt and was in awe.
The love I received from people that day and their approach to worship won me over and I made it my church.

Fast forward almost 4 years and the church has been growing from grace to grace under the leadership of the hilariously gifted, charming, principled, faith engrossed man of God called Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and his firm, supportive, humble, beautiful wife Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.

Today happens to be the father and mother we normally refer to as Papa and Mama’s 9th year Wedding Anniversary and I sent her a message on BBM that I would love to share with the World. It goes thus:

Dear Mama,
Good Morning ma, I doubt if you will recognize me but I’m a son of the house. God bless you ma for marrying such an amazing man. I know he didn’t look it then like you both always say but I’m sure you saw something in him that other ladies couldn’t see!…..well, we all see it now!
A saying goes thus: behind a successful man is a woman but in your case, behind a blessed pastor is an even more blessed, amazing and wonderful wife.
God answered your prayer of childbirth after you steadfastly held unto the promises in the Bible. He made you testify in 2013, he’s already making you move forward in 2014.
To your amazing princesses Haddassah and Davida, they have amazing parents they would forever cherish.
I hear you speak occasionally but when you do, the words of wisdom that emanate from your lips are astounding and Heaven sent. You are a blessing to everyone that has come in contact with u!
For those of us that haven’t had close contact with u…we have benefited nevertheless.
People see Pastor K but what I see is a woman of valour, a woman of impenetrable determination and dedication to her husband and family…..and her church!
As you and PK (the funkiest and coolest pastoral couple in 9ja) celebrate 9 years of marriage today. Remember we are from 9ja (1st 9), this month is September (2nd 9) and you guys are celebrating your 9th anniversary (3rd 9). I wish you a triple fold level of Grace, Blessing, Favour, Joy, Unlimited Breakthrough and Provision.
God bless you Pastor Mildred!
God bless your husband and our father Pastor Kingsley!!
God bless the entire Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo family.
God bless David’s Christian Center.
God bless Nigeria.
We love you guys!




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