For Ladies Only: Marry Him If……


If he knows his way around the kitchen and can cook sumptuous meals. If you don’t want to marry him, I know ladies who would. Marry him asap.

If he’s always seeking your opinion on things that concern him and both of you. Wow. Marriage material numero uno.

If he’ll do anything (I mean legal things) to make sure you are comfortable and not lacking. Marry him.

If he’s always showing you that he loves and cares about you by his actions not only his words. Marry him.

If he never compares you to other ladies especially his ex-girlfriends or his sisters. Marry him.

If he always strives to improve himself. Marry him.

If he’s ambitious enough to dream big dreams like owing a house not renting a house, traveling abroad on holidays, buying a brand new car not tukumbo. Marry him.

If he’s always willing to pay for your hair, fuel your car, support you, send you money, buy you credit even when you are working or don’t even ask for it. Very caring man. Marry him.

If he likes the things of God and I don’t mean a man that sleeps in church for the sake of religion. He loves God, he prays, he studies his Bible. You have yourself a spiritual man. Say I do asap.

If he always creates time for you despite his very schedule at work. Marry him.

If he is inventive, always cooking up new ideas to add spice to your relationship. Marry him.

If he is always looking for ways to improve you mentally and spiritually not sexually. You have yourself a husband.

If he loves his mother, respects his father and has a good relationship with his sisters. Marry him.

If he’s confident enough to take the lead most of the time but not arrogant enough to make you feel inferior. Marry him.

If he always willing (not that you should let him pay all the time) to pay for the bus fare. Marry him.

If he always defends you in front of his friends and family or always takes your side in arguments. What a man. Marry him.

If he’s always willing to spend time with you over a football match or time out with his buddies. Marry him.

If he sees you moody and asks “what’s the matter?” and you say “nothing” and he keeps pressing until he gets to the bottom of what’s troubling you. Marry him.

If he supports Manchester United, he has a winning mentality. Marry him.

If he supports Chelsea, he will make the hard decisions just to get things done. Marry him.

If he supports Arsenal, he is loyal and will stick with you in rough times. Marry him.

If the dude has a 5 year plan. Great. If that plan includes marriage. Brilliant. Marry him.

If a man isn’t shy about following you to an appointment with the gynaecologist, spending time with you at the hospital or at the salon. Marry him.

If he constantly refers to you as the most beautiful woman in the World. Marry that man.

If he introduces you as his girlfriend. Good. He introduces you as the love of his life. Better. He introduces you as his wife. Best.

If he always reminds you that you can be better. That you have what it takes. Marry that man.

If he constantly talks about a future with you. Marry him.

Note: Please don’t take this list too seriously but if he does more than half, marry him. If he does less than half, think about it. If he does all, introduce him to my sister to marry please. God bless you…lol

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  1. temmy says:

    It’s real and educative

    1. Really?
      Thanks dear……….

  2. precious says:

    Nice one…

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