For Ladies Only: Don’t Marry If….

reform a man

If his excuse for not calling you is that he is very busy working long hours. No one is too busy to check on someone they care about, not even Dangote. FLEE.

If he has a history of beating women. Once beaten, twice shy they say. In your case, once beaten, your face will not remain the same. RUN.

If while driving someone hits his car and he jumps out and starts insulting the person to the point of fighting the person. Run for your life.

If he’s always fighting for change with conductor. RUN.

If he’s above 30 years and still lives with his parents with no thoughts of moving out anytime soon. My sister. I don’t have to spell it out for you.

If while walking on the road, he allows you to walk at the side of traffic. He is not a protective man or not a smart man. Depart.

If he’s not willing to buy a washing machine when he gets married or get a maid or hire laundry services. Sister you are going to be wife maid. Leave.

If he doesn’t use protection and is willing to cum inside you with the risk of pregnancy and recommends abortion immediately you tell him you are pregnant. Sister, slap him and get out.

If you ask him “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and he tells you “I have not thought that far ahead”. He has no long term ambition. Depart from him.

If he doesn’t know your dreams and what makes you tick even after dating for more than a month. He doesn’t care about you as much as you think. Time to go dear.

If he doesn’t read newspapers, books or watch and listen to the news. This dude doesn’t like information and doesn’t want to improve himself. Bye bye.

If he always uses material things and money to bribe you when he fucks up. FLEE

If he’s still driving his father’s car and forming big boy with it. Ambition-less man. Out.

If he doesn’t watch football or play video games or doesn’t play contact sports (football, basketball etc) and one day you catch him watching Telemundo. This dude is secretly gay. Oya pack your bags.

If he doesn’t love, cherish and respect his family especially his mother. Sister you don’t want to marry such a man.

If he’s the “I told you so” kind of guy. FLEE.

If all he wants is a house wife, the type that does three things (take care of the house, the children and the husband) and you have a Bsc degree with a Masters degree in view. Shout “Depart from me satan” very loud.

If he is always about “me, me, me” like “my job, my business, my car, my family, my promotion” and never asks about your dreams, your desires, your family, what you want to do, where you want to go. You got yourself a very self centered man. FLEE.

If he’s always adamant that he’s the man of the house and things are done his way, never seeks your opinion on issues concerning him and both of you. He’s going to ride you in marriage and I don’t mean sex. Gerrout.

If he always has to seek his mother’s advice on issues concerning both of you. You are dating a mummy’s boy. In marriage, his mother will be the first wife (who makes the decisions for him) while you will be the second wife (who makes the babies for him). Jump ship now sweerie.

If he has an uncontrollable temper. The type that smashes things when he is angry. Pray hard for him and if he doesn’t change. Start packing your belongings.

If he drinks and I mean the type that drinks in large quantity. He gets high occasionally and other times he gets drunk and misbehaves. You have yourself a drunk and drunken men have a high tendency of beating their women. Pray for him, he doesn’t stop. Pray for yourself to find a new man asap.

If he can’t drive a vehicle. Don’t marry him until he learns and drives well.

If he shouts at you and embarrasses you in public then my sister. Find your square root.

If he threatens to beat/slap/spank you anytime you both have an argument. The key word here is threaten. He doesn’t actually do it but threatens he will do it. Flee. That’s a wife beater in the offing.

If he beats you in the relationship. Sister you are not Mother Theresa. Get out of there.

If he’s always on your neck, asking where you are, wants to know your every movement. He’s a control freak. Stay away from such.

If he’s closest friends are smokers, hard drug users, players, drinkers and pimps. He’s not ready to be serious about life. Move on.

If he clubs more times than he goes to church, then the dude’s spiritual life is in question. Marry not.

If on your first date he is expecting you to pay for the meal. No sense of responsibility. FLEE.

Note: Please take this list seriously with a pinch of salt. Although most are for laughs, the rest are serious issues that should not be trivialized. If he does less than half, ON YOUR MARK. If he does more than half, SET. If he does all, GO. Leave at once.

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