For Men Only: Don’t Marry Her If….


If you walk by with her, other girls don’t stare at her with envy and other guys don’t stare at you with jealousy. Run.

If she’s not afraid of dogs or rats. Run.

If she’s the type of feminist that believes kitchen work, taking care of children, laundry work should be shared equally between the man and the woman. Dismiss yourself.

If she’s always asking for cab money or always entering cabs. She’s expensive and wouldn’t compromise. Flee.

If she has a tattoo, has a piercing, wears toe rings, waist chains and angle chains. She’s wild. Get out asap.

If she always wants to go out to eat instead of offering to make some home cooked meals. Flee.

If she has gone to church only once in the past month but attended all the parties she was invited to. My brother, vamooze.

If you take her out, buy her meal(s) and she doesn’t even have the decency to say thank you. Please take your leave brother.

If she can kill a cockroach especially those flying ones. Stay away from her. Girls are not supposed to be able to do that.

If she can kill a chicken by herself. She’s evil. Don’t marry her…lol

If she doesn’t respect your family or even her family. She’s always bad mouthing them or saying bad things about them. Flee.

If she constantly compares you to other guys, please find your square root.

If she offers to do your laundry even when you haven’t even asked her out. She’s desperate. Run.

If she’s always asking you when you want to get married. She’s looking for a husband not a relationship. Get out.

If she’s always reminding you of the many toasters she has. She’s insecure. Run.

If you leave her at the bar for a minute and no man makes a move on her. She’s either repulsive, not fine enough or not approachable. Run.

If she’s always looking for what to get from you and not looking at ways to invest in you. She’s a reaper not a sower. Run.

If she can cut onions without crying. Be very afraid of her.

If she spends less than 30 minutes bathing, making up and dressing. Be very afraid of her.

If she wakes up from your bed and doesn’t lay the bed sheet expecting you to do it since you got up last. Flee.

Note: Please take this list seriously with a pinch of salt. Although most are for laughs, the rest are serious issues that should not be trivialized. If she does less than half of the 20, ON YOUR MARK. If she does more than half, SET. If she does all, GO. Leave asap.

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  1. Blessing Raymond says:

    This does not make any sense at all. I have followed your blog for quite sometime now. I have even shared some of your posts but this is just not it. SMH

    1. Blessing Blessing. Thank you very much for the following the sharing my posts. I thought it made small sense sha…lol. Read it again joh…*wink*. Thanks dear

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