25 Stupid Questions Women Ask

excuse me women

Women ask stupid questions all the time and most are traps for men. The smart ones survive and the not so smart ones fall in and are trapped for life. Other times, women don’t ask such questions for a honest answer, your honesty could crush their self esteem. They just want to be appreciated, loved, respected or just out of boredom, they want to talk.
Let’s cut to the chase, below are a list of stupid questions women ask.

1. Do you love me?: The most popular dumb question that women ask. If a man hasn’t told you he loves you yet then wait. Don’t pressure him to saying it by asking him such a ridiculous question. He says no, you are hurt. He says yes, when he doesn’t feel it, he lied. Just take a chill pill sister.
2. Where is this relationship heading?: If a man says “its heading no where” then its over. If he says “Its heading to the altar” then she’s already engaged to you in her mind. So how do men answer such question? Simply say “I want you in my life, let’s see if that’s forever”. The End.
3. What do you want from me?: Would a man answer “just sex?”. He’ll sugar coat things, so why bother asking in the first place.
4. When are we getting married?: “When the time is right” is the best answer, if she probes further just maintain your stand. If you give a year or a time frame, she’ll hold it against you when you start delaying.
5. How much money do you make at your job?: This is a woman’s way of gauging you financially, knowing what and what to expect from you and money facts to brag with her girlfriends. Never reveal your financial worth to a woman that is not your wife or fiancee. The “I make enough to take good care of you” answer solves the puzzle.
6. Why are you not married?: Women love to use this question on men who have money, look handsome, have their own place with a car. In their mind they are like “You look settled, why are you not married or you are not tired of playing around or are you afraid of commitment?”. The best answer is not the popular “I haven’t found the right woman to spend the rest of my life with” but a subtle “I have just been focusing on advancing my career and making enough money to take care of my future wife and children”. Adorable answer right. Sure it is. Use it.
7. Why are you still living with your parents?: This is the “aren’t you man enough to stay on your own” question. “I am buying my time to have enough money to afford a place good and big enough for my future family”.
8. Are you dating anyone else?: This question actually means “Who am I to you?”. The way to answer this question is to use honest flattery. Remember I said honest. For example, “Baby you mean the world including the earth and other planets to me”. She’ll blush and move on.
9. Why don’t you have a car?: Simple, “I don’t want to buy second hand cars like everyone else so I’m waiting until I make enough money to buy myself a brand new car”.
10. Am I the first (insert ethnicity) you have ever dated? One of the most annoying questions a lady could ask is the “Am I the first Yoruba girl you have dated?” or “What’s your opinion of Igbo girls?”. Answer with “I am not particular about ethnic origins, as long as she is the one”.
11. Am I good in bed?: This question is a big trap. Tread very carefully. The best answer to this question is “off course you are”. She doesn’t need your honest opinion, she needs to feel appreciated.
12. Does this dress make me look fat?: Another big trap. If you say yes, you are doomed. If you say no, she knows you are lieing. So the best answer to give is no answer. Simply say “The dress looks beautiful but you look even more beautiful without any dress on”. She’ll blush and you my brother just dodged a bullet.
13. Have I gained weight?: When did a man become a weight scale. Why ask a man if you have gained weight when you can save him the trauma of saying the truth by finding out yourself. Buy a scale and get on it.
14. Am I sexy enough for you?: “No you are not, but I’m just managing you” could be in your mind but saying it out means disaster. “Yes you are” is the smartest answer to that question.
15. Am I good enough for you?: Yes you are. End of story.
16. Do you like my hair?: What do guys know about a woman’s hair. Nothing. Ask your fellow girls that question please. As far as your hair is neat, not smelly and presentable. We are good to go.
17. Does this look good on me?: Answer this question with “Anything looks good on you dear”.
18. Do you prefer girls with big butt or boobs?: If she has no butt and you say you prefer girls with big butt then you are in trouble. If she has flat boobs and you say you prefer girls with big boobs then you also in trouble. The best answer to this question is “butt or boobs doesn’t really matter to me, I like my girls confident and funny”.
19. How many girls have you slept with?: Answer this question correctly (for those that have slept with even the gateman’s daughter) and you are in soup. Simply say, “I am not sure but I think its more than 5.” Even 50 is more than 5 so you didn’t lie…lol
20. Have you broken a girl’s heart before?: If yes, never admit because you become a heartbreaker in her eyes. If no, never admit because you either look like a liar or someone not hard enough (you need to be a former bad guy for girls to want you, strange but true). Simply say “I don’t know but I doubt if I have”.
21. Are you a player?: Even a player would say no to this question so why ask in the first place. Women eeeeh.
22. Is that woman preetier than me? The only right answer to this question is “what woman?, you are the only woman I see”. If you answer truthfully and you dare admit the other woman is preetier then you are in trouble.
23. Is the food (she cooked) okay?: If a woman takes out time to cook for you and the food is not up to taste. Never admit such. Her food can never be as good as your mums. Compliment the food and move on.
24. Do you want to have sex?: Question of life. Which guy doesn’t want sex? Anyways, don’t say yes to this question. Answer with “I like sex, which guy doesn’t but I want to get to know you better before we even consider it”
25. Do you notice anything different about me?: How are we supposed to know? Asking this insane question is like a man taking you to the garage, opening the bonnet of his car and asking you “Baby do you notice anything different about the engine?” You owe your body, please don’t put us on the spot.

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  1. Blessing Raymond says:

    Hmmm. Men ask dumb questions too.

    1. I totally agree with you, please read > 25 Stupid Questions Men Ask. Thanks dear

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