What’s Your Favorite Position? (40 Shocking Answers)


The most misinterpreted question “What’s your favorite position?” was asked in an interview for a position in a company and according to my source, she got the most outrageous, the most enthralling, the most beautiful, the most confusing and the most motivating answers she has ever gotten while conducting an interview before. Its funny how a simple question like “what’s your favorite position?” attracted more sexual answers than envisioned. Enough of my commentary, let’s take a look at the answers received:

Ivodalls: My favorite position is in God’s presence. Its the best thing that can ever happen to me.

Uche: Doggy, reason been that penetration is easier in that position.

Ekene: Missionary style because it allows better penetration.

Kanmi: Right winger. ie Number 7 on the pitch because I am most effective there.

Jasmine: I like standing from the back because I really feel it.

Ebube, Rutoly, Bloke, Chinyere, Florence, Agnes and Vivian: Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Ovietion: As an artist I like going on stage from behind.

Tobe: I like being number 5. That is a central defender on the football pitch.

IX: My Favorite would be what I call scissors. She laying on her stomach and I from the back.

Dammy: Missionary makes me cum quick and then cowgirl because I like being in charge and I control the pace.

Zee: Doggie style because better penetration is achieved from that position

Dutty: Any position that makes me in control, I love been the rider because I want my partner to enjoy me,besides I cum faster.

Joyce: Sideways. Its comfortable. Wait a minute, favorite position for what exactly before I get ahead of myself.

Nkem: First because I like to be the winner.

Rita: I like lieing on my tummy while he enters me from the back.

C. Angel: First position. Because I like to be top of my game. So I always like to take the 1st position.

AK Jersies: Speaking of the current state of the economy…we all know that the current state of the economy is not favorable to all and sundry as a result of greed,high rate of unemployment,no good corporate governance and this has put the economy to the state it is right now. The reason for all these problems is that there is no equity in terms of sharing the wealth of the nation,no love amongst we all thats why our leaders can embezzle funds meant 4 the nation. My position is based on equity and also good governance by this we would have an economic which is stable for all. Anyone who fails to implement this should face the wrath of the law.

Uzundo: Personally, I don’t have a favourite position! I used to like doggy but I have out grown that. For me the trips is when my wife is satisfied(orgasm).

Opeyemi: My favorite position is program officer because I have cognitive experience in program management.

Sue: I like it from behind.

Vanessa: I don’t have a favorite position and I don’t know why.

Gozie: The Doggy style because I’m in control and the girl gives me best of her ring tones.

Naomi: If the position implied is sleeping position then mine is sleeping on my chest. I sleep faster by doing this. Its more comfortable. If its my favourite job position then its being a managing director or a ceo someday.

Jay: 3 best positions are;
Doggy style – When I want deep penetration and most times the scrotum hits my clit while the penetration is deep. I love that.
Missionary style – I enjoy this only when am ovulating. Then my p**** is sensitive so it keeps making me cum and wanting more.
Scissors style – This does not really get on me but it makes me feel happy.

Joy Ikade: My favourite position is to be a world changer.

Michael, Bukola, Oluwatoyin, Oyebade, Nkechi, Dainty, Emmanuel and Kemi all desired further explanation on the position referred to with all asking “Position for what?”

I have laughed my head off at the responses because I swear I didn’t expect such graphic and uncensored replies. So what’s my favorite position? Let’s look at Deutronomy 28:13 “And the Lord shall make me the HEAD, and not the tail; and I shall be ABOVE only, and never beneath…”
In anything I do, I want to be on top because that is my birthright. I don’t do anything to come second or third. For example, in a subject you aim for an A, even when you fall on a B, you will not be as disappointed as someone who aimed for a D and ended getting an F. Life gives you what you expect not what you deserve. So what do you expect of life? A small house? A rented apartment? A second hand car? A good paying job? An average salary? OR Do you expect a mansion in Lekki? Brand new cars? The Managing Director / CEO of a big company?
Dream big. It’s the first step to success. Just like that saying, shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. So aim high, aim higher than you ever thought you could because if it just wasn’t meant to be, you’ll still shine.

Confession: The question and answers above weren’t actually from a job interview, I simply asked my BBM contacts. The “job interview” angle was infused to add more “ghen ghen” or “action” to the plot.

Vote of Thanks: Thanks to all those that replied my question on a short notice.
To those that described their favorite sexual positions without me asking, you all need Jesus!….lol. Well, we all need Jesus.
To those that questioned my motive for asking the question, don’t be too quick to judge people intentions because I meant no harm. *wink*

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