Life Lesson Shaving Teaches Us

6a00d8341ca4b653ef00e55491ca868833-800wiShaving my beards has always been a struggle, not because I am too lazy to shave or because its too expensive but mostly because the annoying facial hair grows back to the shaved size almost immediately. It seems they usually grow faster when recently shaved and then grow gradually when it gets to a particular size. Same applies to pubic hair or hair around the arm pit, shave it once and in two weeks or less, its almost the same size so why not just leave it till something/someone prompts for it to be shaved which for facial hair could be an interview or  a meeting and for pubic hair, a private time with your spouse (a date).

The point I am trying to pass across to you is the rapid rate at which hair grows after its been cut and life lessons derived from that phenomenon. People are usually scared to start all over because they have invested so much time, energy or money into it. A lady knows she’s not happy with the guy she’s currently dating but she has already invested 6 years of her life into the relationship and is scared of starting from the beginning with someone so ends up getting married to the wrong man.A man knows the business venture he is currently pursuing is not viable but he has invested so much time and money into it and he’s too stubborn or afraid to start something new.
If its not working, don’t dwell on the invested energy, time and in some cases money, just cut it off and start all over because the same way your facial hair or pubic hair grows fastest when cut, your new love life or your business venture will eventually grow and blossom.

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