Question: Become an Instant Billionaire OR Raise Someone From The Dead

blue pill or black pill

I came across the picture above that says;
“Choose Blue Pill: Bring back a family member from the dead.”
“Choose Red Pill: Become an instant billionaire.”

I decided to ask of people’s opinion and below are the selected answers.

Ayaworan: The red bill. What’s my business with bringing back the dead when I have millions of stuff I could do with cash.

Goziemania: Red all the way. Let the dead go Get me the billions.

Teey: Red pill of course. Abeg who don die,don go o life continues. We’ll all die one day. You just have to make the best out of life.

Joyce: Red pill to take care of my material needs. Though Blue pill is appealing because I want to see my little sister again but since I know it’s not possible except through resurrection and when God’s kingdom comes.

Jay: I’ll choose red because I really need to be rich. My story is grace 2 grass and I am trying to get back 2 grace. It has not been funny being broke.

Kenny Smith: I choose the red pill. As a millionaire,I can take care of thousands of families. Its worth much more than bringing a single person from the dead. May his/her soul rest in peace. Amen

Agnes: I’ll choose the blue pill to bring back my brother because he’s worth more than a zillion dollars to me and my family.

Jay: I’ll choose the blue pill to bring my mum back.

Tata: I choose the blue pill to bring back my dad. I miss him so much. Money is not everything though. My dad was a hero. The man anyone can call on at any time of the day. He’s worth everything including the world and the billions in it.

Fidelia: The red pill please. My family member is gone for good and is in a better place.

Lovelyn: I would go with the red pill. I haven’t lost any immediate family member that’s very dear to me that I would also love to bring back. So the red pill is for me. Having such amount of money would definitely go a long way for me.
Ope: Red pill because money answereth all things.

Dutty: The blue pill for my dad. I lost him when I was 8,my younger bro was just 3yrs then. My mum never remarried. I want him back because she never stopped talking about him and we all miss him.

Oluwadammy: Red pill please. People are suffering and I want to help.

Marcatini: Red pill simply because they would still die if I take the blue meaning. We would probably meet in Heaven and that way I can without stress take care of the rest family I’ve got.

Tommy: Red pill. I need to use that money to implement a good change on my family who will do the same to the people around them helping the community.

Joan: The red pill for billionaire because I haven’t lost anyone I would wish back.

Sabina: There’s this little boy spending sometime over at my house his name is Brian & he was 2 months old when his Dad was shot dead in their home. He’s the only son his parents had before that happened & he’s 4 years now & the sweetest kid I’ve met but has no idea who his dad is & doesn’t even know because he has assumed that his mum’s friend is his father severally & it breaks my heart each time I think about it. I want to bring back his dad so I’ll choose the blue pill.

Ifeoma: The red pill because there is no dead relation I wanna bring back. All the ones I want around are still alive. The red pill will make my time with them more fun.

Me: Hmmm. My head says choose the red pill and become a billionaire sharply. There are many people that will die because of lack of proper medical attention so why bother bringing back those that are already dead when I can prevent those alive from dieing. On the other hand, my heart says choose the blue pill and bring back my grandmother (mum’s side). My mum was only 2 years old when her mother died and she will give anything to see her mother.
All said and done, I’ll choose the red pill, I’m sure my mum wouldn’t mind the money, she’ll meet her mum in Heaven very much later.
From the above 20 answers, its obvious that a majority (15 which is 75%) want to be instant billionaires because according to most, they have not lost any loved ones and to others, the dead is dead, let’s focus on the living.
To the remaining 5 which represents 25% of the poll chose the blue pill to bring back someone from the dead because they have lost someone dear to them.

Morale of the story, in your quest for money, don’t run over people because some people have stories that would bring you to tears. Make friends quickly, enemies slowly and love freely.


So what about you, blue pill or red pill?

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  1. Chris says:

    Billionaire would be great cause of Ebola is spreading, It can safe tons of life but I can’t think about my mom or dead dead without feeling devastating and depressed I would only go with blue if one of my near family members died either way I would go with red

    1. ooooo yeah?…Ebola koh….nobi every corpse get ebola na…anyways, billionaire all the way

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