Benefits of Sex To Women

imagesSex is definitely one of the most controversial and most discretely discussed topics EVER.
Due to the secretive nature of the topic, people find it difficult to discuss their sexual problems or fantasies. It seems most men see sex with their wives as a means of relieving sexual tension while most wives just see sex as an obligation (something they do often to please their testosterone enraged husbands).
The physiological and psychological benefits of sex like the fact that it helps reduce stress, give energy, reduce wrinkles, improve intimacy between partners, reduce pain and boost the immune system are often ignored.

As much as it is believed that most men have sex as a form of enjoyment, findings have shown that many women, on the other hand, see sex as more of obligation, thus, it does not take priority in their to-do list.

A new study by HealthyWomen, a leading health information source for women, has revealed that women who have regular sex will have less wrinkles, more initimacy with their partners and better immune systems. This study however states that only few women recognise the wellness benefits of a healthy sex life.

According to the study, about 51 per cent believe that engaging in sexual activity a few times a week is sexually healthy while just 42 percent of the women said they believe sexual health is very important to their overall health and about 66 per cent said they only engage in sexual activity once a week or less often. The survey was conducted online among 1,031 women who reside in the United States, aged 18 and above.

While calling on women to rethink how they view sex and start to prioritise their sexual health and wellness more, the Executive Director of Healthy Women, Elisabeth Battaglino also added that beyond the benefit of forming a closer bond with the partner, an active sex life can decrease stress, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase immune system function and burn calories.

Commenting on the study, a psychiatrist, Naomi Greenblatt, who specialises in women’s health, agreed with the study, saying while pleasure and intimacy with a partner should be a primary motivation to have sex, the health and wellness benefits are a big bonus. Most women don’t know that sex has health benefits. While some have sex for enjoyment with their partners, others admit to having sex out of the need to satisfy their husbands and boost their intimacy.

According to a Women’s Health publication titled “The Hidden Health Benefits of Sex”, some of the benefits of sex include: less stress, a youthful glow, sounder sleep, minimized pain, fewer colds and ligher periods (with fewer cramps). For more info on the article, click HERE.

A psychologist, Miss Oladele Olaitan in a Punch report, said apart from the child-bearing factor, most women are not aware of the health benefits of sex. She observed a growing trend in women having sex because they see it as a form of duty to their husbands. She added that this could explain why a lot of women reach orgasm during sex.

She said, “From observation, most men place a higher priority on sex than most women do, even though it depends on individuals. It is possible to say that it is a pleasure for men and obligation for the women because women may not be aware of the health benefits of sex.”

A study carried out by the journal of sexual medicine revealed that women who do not have sex more than twice a month fell sick more often than those who have regular orgasm, not just sex.

Another survey carried out by the National Cancer Institute revealed that males who have an average of 21 ejaculations within a month had a 33 per cent lower risk of having prostrate cancer than those who have four to seven ejaculations.

According to Prof. Toba Elegbeleye, a consultant psychologist, the major reason for not paying adequate attention to sex and its benefits is because there are other distractions in terms of career, children and other sundry issues. In this age when we have a proliferation of career women, the stress from going and coming back from work militates against sexual interaction in marital situations.”

He explained that apart from the reproductive aspect, which is the traditional and cultural usefulness of sex, “it is a form of exercise if engaged in reasonably and without drug, and it fosters a lot of intimacy between couples, particularly when they engage in it reasonably,” he said.

Ladies, enjoy sex with your husband, stop enduring it.

Culled mainly from “Want less wrinkles, better immune systems? Try sex” by Tunde Ajaja on PunchNg

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