Understanding and Conquering Depression by Eating Cooked Meat

iStock_000011423371XSmall_depressed_womanA friend pinged me and asked “What causes depression?, Why would one have mood swings like let’s say this moment you are happy, next you reflect on your life and you are probably happier then all of a sudden you move from an extreme level of happiness into an extreme level of sadness, bitterness and all?”. When I get asked for advice, I let the Holy Spirit guide me with an answer powered by an illustration (illustrations stick better than vague explanations). In answering her question, this illustration came to me and it blessed her and decided to share it with you.
First of all, what is depression? Depression according to Google is a severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.
Now we know what depression is or could be, let me share with you my answer to her question:

What I can say about depression from a spiritual point of view is that its a spirit and only people that allow it stay gets oppressed by it. This is how depression works. Let’s imagine you have a bowl of soup filled with meat. Some are cooked meat while others are uncooked meat. When you eat the cooked meat, you are happy, overjoyed and smiling because its sweet, its satisfies you and it brings joy to your mouth and stomach alike but as soon as you eat the uncooked meat, it spoils your mood because its hard, its not sweet and causes stomach upset…

In life, we will liken focusing on the good things in life, counting our blessings, enjoying life’s gifts, being grateful for what we have, focusing on what God has done, is doing and yet to do in our lives as eating cooked meat. Because anytime we remember such, we become happy and are generally in a good mood. On the other hand, eating uncooked meat could be likened to when we remove our eye from God and what He has done to focusing on the bad things we are facing in life, comparing ourselves with others, looking back at our past hurts and mistakes which in turn brings tears, sadness which brings his senior brother called depression.

When cooking meat, the pot is the life, the boiling water is life’s circumstances, the spices (salt, maggi, curry, thyme) are God sweetening you into the boiled cooked sweet meat He desires and the time it takes for it to boil which requires our patience.
What we do is take the cooking meat from the pot out of impatience. “God I can’t wait any longer, I have been praying for a life partner but You haven’t given me one, I have been praying for a good job and I haven’t seen any”. When we focus on the uncooked meat, we forget that God is taking us through life’s trials, tribulations and situations into a wonderful place. Remember, the same way every big person was once facing trials and hardship, every cooked meat was once uncooked.
Remember, to eat cooked meat always.


A Preye Inspired Post

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