How To Answer The Hardest Interview Question

tell-me-about-yourselfI don’t know about you but before now, the hardest “trickiest” question you could ever be asked in the interview hall is “tell me about yourself”. Its usually the first question that you are asked and often sets the tone to how the interview would eventually pan out.
I have heard of how people have failed that question with answers like; “my name is Bisi Akande, I was born on the 29th of April 1989, I am from Anambra State, I am the first born of 4 children bla bla bla”. Your age, your village or family history is a NO NO when answering this question.
Well, to tell you the truth, there is no exact method to answering this question but there is a new strategy I formulated and I have tested.
Let’s set the ground rules in answering this question before I tell you the formula.
1. The answer should not be more than 3 minutes long, no mumbling over 5 minutes.
2. You need to practice your answer in front of the mirror before the interview so as to get used to your points.
3. Tell the interviewer what you are currently doing, what you studied in school, what your career path is focused on, the certification you have obtained, leadership positions you have attained and what makes you thick.
4. Discuss your professional accomplishments by sharing two or three milestones that relate to the job you are applying for.
5. Learn to tweak your acronyms or examples stated according to the job role you are applying for.

So the strategy I formulated will be known as “the acronym method” and this is how I applied it. For those that know, my real name is Charles so I used my name as an acronym to talk about myself. For example:

C stands for Career Driven: I am a career driven individual who has spent all his adult life trying to carve a niche for himself in the Oil and Gas Industry. I started my pursuit for educational heights from Vicwin Prep Primary School, then did my Secondary school in Nigerian International School where I took and passed 8 subjects including Physics and Maths. I undertook my BEng Petroleum Engineering degree at Covenant University and my Masters degree at Coventry University. I started my career at NNPC as an Industrial trainee where I worked as…bla bla bla (to be continued).

C also stands for Confident: I am a confident young man that sets a goal and confidently pursues it till completion. I don’t take no for an answer and I don’t chicken away from tasks and responsibilities. I don’t make excuses when faced with challenges, I look challenges in the face and challenge it to beat me.

H stands for Hard Working: I am a hard working man as evidenced by my academic achievements thus far. I work hard for everything I have and don’t stand for free gifts.

A stands for Affable: An affable person is someone that is good natured, friendly and pleasant to work with and that describes me. I am a conversationalist and polite. I am courteous and can talk to anyone anywhere with boldness and finesse.

R stands for Researcher: One of my hobbies is researching, anything I find amusing or confusing or that I can learn from or that people can learn from…I research on them. I owe a blog where I write on educational and relationship based topics which requires a whole deal of research work to get the appropriate information for the articles.

L stands for leader: I am a leader in my own right. I was born a leader in the sense that I am the first born of the family and have to lead my siblings in one way or the other. I have also led different groups in school and the University achieving A grades in most of the assignments/projects I was opportune to be the group leader/project manager.

E stands for eloquent: I stand to believe that having your ideas in your head isn’t the key to success but putting those ideas in writing and being able to communicate it fluently with other involved parties is. I have built my writing and communication skills in order to stand out. I have used my writing skills to set up a blog and also used my vocal prowess in group meetings, at my previous jobs and now in this interview room.

S stands for studious: The Bible says “study to show yourself approved” and this passage has made me a very studious person. I derive pleasure from seeking information and learning from them. I read books to improve myself and I attend seminars and conferences to also improve myself.

And you end by saying “Careerist, Confident, Hardworking, Affable, Researcher, Leader, Eloquent and Studious describes Charles”. I bet you that the interviewer will clap for you.

Have I used this method before?
Yes I have, yesterday in fact. I attended a double barreled interview yesterday at an oil and gas firm. I was interviewed by a lady and then interviewed in another office by a lawyer and I used the “acronym method” in both. In the words of the lawyer “I don’t know any question to ask you again, its not everytime I get wowed by an interviewee but you have just left me dumbfounded, I like people that know their onions and know how to communicate it fluently. Left up to me, you will have this job but it has to go through different other processes. Well done. Hope to see you working here in less than two weeks time”.

UPDATE: I got the job.

The acronym method makes you stand out, makes you look smart and articulate.
Get your paper, create an acronym with preferably your name not Charles

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  1. Lamin says:

    Nice… congrats on the job!! Loftier heights ahead!!!

  2. Erepamo says:

    Nice one. i like it. have learnt something new

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