50 Reasons Women Love Being Women



1. Women are naturally smarter educationally than men, maybe its because men were made from dust..lol
2. Women are naturally more accommodating than men.
3. Women can go clubbing without a dime and end up drinking N100,000 worth of drinks payed by the men trying to impress them.
4. Women don’t really have to know how to drive.
5. Women can look different every single day with the help of different makeup, clothes, hair do etc.
6. Women get favors from everyone especially from men.
7. Women are more emotional than men which makes it easier for them to empathize with people.
8. Women get all the attention from men and even women.
9. Women get asked out whether they want to or not while men have to make the extra move to land a date.
10. Women have a way of getting their way with men.
11. Women control men.
12. Women can dress like men and be called tomboys while a man that dresses like a woman is deemed gay…lol
13. Women can hug/peck/kiss/hold their fellow women but a man even hugging another man…#GayAlert
14. Women don’t have to put a dime into planning a wedding.
15. Women can look special on their wedding day or on dates or occasions while men have to stick to the boring suit and tie routine.
16. Women don’t deal with the pressure of working and fending for their families. All they have to do is marry a rich man and become a house wife.
17. Women have the privilege of carrying a child and bonding with the child in a way men can’t.
18. Women have soft, tender, beautiful and sexy bodies unlike men with their hard un finessed bodies.
19. Women enjoy sex more than men, little wonder why one dose is always enough for a long time. Men just want sex more than us.
20. Women are more trusted with money than men, maybe that’s why women tend to be secretaries and account officers.
21. Women get pardoned very easily. Imagine a woman bashes into a man’s car, she’ll get forgiven easier than if a man bashed into the man’s car.
22. Women don’t have to talk always, they let their bodies do the talking.
23. Women get the cakes and gifts on their birthdays and Valentine’s day while men just do the buying..lol
24. Women don’t have to pay for anything when they go on dates, they basically eat free meals and watch free movies.
25. Women dictate the pace of a relationship.
26. Women are naturally born with what men want (their body) while men have to work hard for what women want (their money).
27. Women are allowed to be childlike having teddy bears, watching cartoons etc.
28. Women can wear both skirts and trousers but imagine a man wearing a skirt when he’s not Scottish..lol
29. Women own their body and determine whether to keep or abort a baby, men don’t have the privilege to make such choices.
30. Women can conveniently multitask like cooking, taking care of the children, cleaning, dressing, making up all the same time. Men on the other hand can’t do more than one thing at the same time.
31. Mothers are more loved and appreciated than fathers.
32. Women can use makeup to cover the flaws on their faces but men can’t.
33. Women are innocent until proven guilty while men are guilty until proven innocent that’s why a stranded woman on the road is more likely to be helped than a stranded man.
34. Women can do anything with their hair like braiding, weaving, cutting it etc unlike men.
35. Women can seduce men far more easily than men can seduce women.
36. Women are naturally more caring than men.
37. Women can flirt with men and get away with it while a man flirting with another woman can be seen as sexual harassment.
38. Women are more selfless than men. They can readily sacrifice for their husbands and families more than men can.
39. Women can endure pressure/heartbreak/stress/abuse far more than men can.
40. A woman has the natural ability to nurture a child, business, a man’s dreams than a man can.
41. The Bible says that a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband (she completes him) therefore a man needs a woman to be complete.
42. Women are beautifully and wonderfully made. God took time to create a woman while He made man from dust hurriedly, no wonder men have no finesse..lol
43. Women are more trusted around the opposite sex than men. For example, a woman can be trusted with cleaning the gent’s toilet while a man can never be trusted with cleaning the ladies toilet.
44. Women love unconditionally even at the risk of heartbreak.
45. Women are less likely to be armed robbers, 419ers, yahoo boys than men.
46. Women are stronger than men both emotionally and mentally.
47. Most women can cook so can take care of themselves while most men can’t even cook to save their lives.
48. Women tend to live longer than me. For example, in Nigeria women tend to outlive men by more than 5 years.
49. Women have an intuitive sense about them. They tend to sense danger by their feelings even without concrete evidence to back their case.
50. Who runs the World?…GIRLS!!!!

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