50 Reasons Men Love Being Men


1. Men can pee anywhere while women don’t have such privilege and as a matter of fact men can stand and pee while women have to sit or at lease squat (if as a girl reading this, you stand and pee…I have no words for you..lol)
2. Men don’t have to deal with the pressure and stress of changing hairstyles and men don’t also have to spend so much valuable time in the salon.
3. Men can walk at odd times of the night and not be scared of being harassed.
4. Men can marry as much wives as possible while women can’t marry more than one husband.
5. Men don’t get to be objectified as women do. Objectification means to be treated as an object not a person, as if owned by another.
6. Men are physically stronger than women.
7. Men are bound by tradition to make the first move for a women. I can’t imagine being a woman and having to wait for the man I love to make the first move.
8. Men don’t have to experience menstruation and the cramps, pain and stress it comes with. Just imagine bleeding for up to 5 days…gosh!…Thank You God.
9. Men don’t have to get pregnant for up to 9 months and experience the torture of childbirth.
10. Men can walk about topless and without the inconvenience of those dangling things hanging around a woman’s chest.
11. God is usually referred to as “He” not a “She”. You get the point..lol
12. Men are the head of the family so take the leadership of the home.
13. To men, sex is simply pleasure while to women, sex could be pleasure and pain.
14. Men love sex and don’t hide it and can have as much as possible, while a woman that loves sex has to hide it in order not to be labeled promiscuous or loose.
15. Men don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of makeup, high heels, tight clothes and all.
16. Men don’t have to shave our God given eyebrows to conform to societal standards.
17. Men don’t have to be oogled by annoying people looking to sleep with them. According to Urban Dictionary, oogling is the act of seducing or trying to seduce someone with your eyes/stare. Sometimes includes the eyebrows moving.
18. Men are far better drivers.
19. Men are over 80% more likely to take top political positions in Nigeria like President or Governors than women.
20. Men don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of shaving their private parts almost every week like most ladies do.
21. Men don’t have to deal with cooking for their siblings and parents when single and for their children and husband when married. We bring money, cross our legs on the sofa watching TV and our darling wives/sisters fix the meals for us…sweeeeeeet…*wink*
22. Men don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of taking care of a crying child, breast feeding them at odd hours of the night, bathing them, changing diapers *blocks nose* and washing their clothes.
23. Men don’t have to carry hand bags everywhere (women call it a fashion statement, we call it stress). With our wallets in out pockets, we have all we need.
24. Men don’t have to deal with pre-marital pregnancy and its consequences including abortion, dropping out of school etc.
25. Men can safely wear one underwear for a week without changing it. Women have this one day-one underwear policy.
26. Men don’t take love too personal and stand a better chance of avoiding heartbreak unlike women.
27. Men can comfortably do any job without looking weird. Imagine a female bus driver or conductor, or a female mechanic or an okada woman. You get the point..lol
28. Men can marry at any time they please without being pressured by family and the proverbial “biological clock”.
29. Men determine the sex of a child according to Biology (our favorite subject in Secondary School then, don’t even lie). We want a boy, all we have to do is fertilize our wife’s egg with the “x” chromosome. We want a girl, we give her the “y” chromosome. Women have only “y” chromosomes.
30. Men don’t have to face the pressure of having friends with bigger boobs or bigger ass like women do.
31. Men don’t have to squat while taking their baths (ladies, don’t even act like you don’t know what I am talking about…lol)
32. Men are not as emotional as women. To men, tears is used mainly to express the emotion of pain while to women, tears is a mode of expressing all emotions (sadness, surprise, loneliness, happiness, love etc).
33. Men don’t have to keep up appearances, we don’t have to look good all the time.
34. God made beautiful, sweet and sexy girls/ladies for men to enjoy. *wink*
35. Men are more in control of their lives than women because most women have to depend on the men (husband/father/boss) in their lives.
36. If given the option of just one child, most families would choose to have a boy child over a girl child.
37. Men inherit their father’s properties when he passes on even if he has elder sisters as long as he is the first male child.
38. Men don’t have to change their surnames when they get married unlike women.
39. Men don’t have mood swings associated with menstrual cycles like women do.
40. Men don’t worry about the pressure to bleach and lighten their skins.
41. Men don’t have to worry about stretch marks like women have to battle with.
42. Virginity doesn’t hold as much value to a man like it does to a woman.
43. Men don’t envy/back bite/bring down/gossip against each other like women do against other women.
44. Men propose when they want to which means they determine when they want to marry while ladies have to wait for them.
45. Men are more skilled at manual labour than women. For example, changing car tyres, electricians, plumbers etc.
46. Men are strong physically hence can defend themselves against assault.
47. Men can spend N300 ($2) to have their hair cut while women, N300 wouldn’t even cover transport fare to the salon.
48. Men don’t have to know how to cook or take care of a home. That’s a woman’s job..lol
49. Men don’t have to wear body inconveniencing things like bra, g-string, waist cincher, butt lifter etc.
50. Men work for their money either through hook or crook while some women tend to use the short cut by using their sexuality to their advantage.

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