Sex To A Girl is Like A Book While Sex To a Guy is Like A Movie

man and woman in bed

I was conversing with a friend about the new movie titled “Half of a Yellow Sun”. Its an adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie’s book of the same title. She has read the book and couldn’t wait to see the movie. We were talking about how books get adapted into movies when all of a sudden, the similarities between how men and women perceive sex came to me and that’s what birthed this article.
So how is sex to a girl like a book and sex to a guy like a movie? Let’s commence:

1. When converting a book into a movie, there are many things in the book that wouldn’t be in the movie. No matter how good a director is, he can never make a movie a full adaptation of the book. Many things will be removed while some things will be added.
Sex to a girl is like a book because she has a lot of expectations in her mind. In her mind, she expect it to be romantic, sweet, love filled, emotional and sensational. She wants it to be at the right time and the right place. She wants to be on a big comfortable bed with a Celine Dion or Backstreet Boys song playing at the background. For a man, anywhere is fine, be it in the car or on the beach, or on the floor, or on the roof. To a man, sex is a sprint whereas to a woman, sex is a marathon. When the woman is thinking of the process, he’s imagining the destination.

2. Its not news that men are always ready for sex. Always. We don’t have periods like women do, we don’t have ovulation, we don’t have sex mood swings, we are always ready to go. Women don’t just wake up and want to have sex, they are certain conditions both physical and mental that have to click before a woman is ready for sex. Same with books and movies. You can almost make up your mind to watch a movie anytime. I can call up a friend and be like “Hey Emeka, let’s go watch a movie” and he’s ready to go. Imagine calling him and be like “Hey Emeka, let’s read a book”. Seriously?

3. Its far easier to start a movie at any point and with little or no explanation and still catch up with the story line. Its difficult to start a book from chapter 3 because chapter 1 and 2 might contain so much detail required to understand the story line. Sex to a man can be started from anywhere, whether kissing, cuddling, smooshing, foreplay or the main thing. A man is always comfortable starting from anywhere. But for a woman, its a process not a destination. For a woman to enjoy sex, you need to start from the top with her. You don’t just jump into sex, you start with cuddling her, kissing her and gradually…

4. I don’t know about you but the books I read stick to me better than the movies I watch. I can’t read a book and forget I read it but I can watch a movie and forget I even watched it. When I read a book, I play every sentence I read in my head. I imagine every line which makes the book stick. Its almost as if I am in the story. On the other hand, I might be watching a movie and pinging, watching a movie and answering a call, watching a movie and chatting with someone and at the end of the day, I’ll still understand the movie. A man can have sex with a girl and forget what it felt like almost as soon as he gets dressed but for a woman, it lingers. If the sex was good, she thinks about it fondly. If the sex was bad, she thinks about it disdainly. Its in her mind whether good or bad. For a man, the next time he will have sex is already on his mind not the sex he just had.

5. I remember my school days, whenever we finish our exams, we go on a movie watching spree. There was a particular day I watched 6 movies in one sitting. Its easier to watch that much amount of movies in one day without realizing but how about reading 6 books in one day. Too much? what about 6 books in one week? Still too much? what about reading 6 books in a month? You get the point. We can finish 6 movies in a day but take as much as 6 months to finish 6 books. Same with sex for a man. A man can have sex with 6 girls in a week or have sex with the same girl 6 times in a week and not feel its too much but a lady can have sex once in a month and that has belle full her (she’s very okay). For a woman, less is more but for a man, more is more.

6.The first chapter of every book is always often preceded by table of contents, dedication, introduction, acknowledgment. Have you seen a movie with dedication (apart from movies in memory of someone late) or acknowledgment? There is always a sentimental attachment to every book written, most times they are not written for the money but for the message. If the message is good then it makes money in the process. Most if not all movies are made to make money (maybe Tyler Perry’s movies are an exception). For a woman to have sex with a man, there has to be sentimental attachment, its either he likes him, loves him or at least fancies him. For a man to have sex with a woman, he doesn’t need all those. That’s why a man can meet a girl now and want to sleep with her.

7. The longest movie I have ever seen should be one of the Godfather trilogy and that was not even 3 hours long. It takes me sometimes a day or a week and sometimes a month to finish a book. Its far easier to finish a movie than to finish a book. Same with sex for a man and a woman. Its far easier to satisfy a man in bed than a woman. Once a man ejaculates, he’s fine and that could be in less than 10 minutes. For a woman to be sexually satisfied, you have to work hard and most times it takes longer than it takes for a man to be satisfied.

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