15 Things You Didn’t Know About 15 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2014 Contestants


The search for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria for 2014 is up and running with 30 stunning ladies in camp as we speak I write. Apart from the fact that these girls look outrageously young (I hope its not football age they are using o…hmm), they are all beautiful but definitely not the most beautiful girl in Nigeria (my sister and girlfriend beat them hands down..don’t beef). Since 15 of these ladies would be picked for the main event, I decided to do a little bit of digging on some of them and picked my 15 (not based on beauty o, just intuition). I’ll bet you that at least 10 of my 15 would make it into the main contest, at least 2 would make it to the last 5 and 1 will win (bet……). So let’s get to it.


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Precious John: First off the block is the only contestant I have met personally. Met her at a casting and thought I should try my luck..lol (na tall fine yellow chick na, what do you expect..lol). It took me a lot of sweet talk and persistence to finally get her number but that’s where it ended sha (don’t ask me why..lol). She’s a student of Lead City University, Ibadan. I might be biased already but who cares. If you like me vote for her HERE please. Her FB page is Precious John




Adesola Adeyemi: When I saw all the ladies contesting for the MBGN crown, she simply stood out. I don’t know if its because of her hair, her stern look, or the fact that’s she’s the only lady not wearing a black dress in the profile (she’s a rebel..I like). I did a lil bit of research on her and found out that she’s a daring model who once modeled a French lace see-through dress at last year’s Ghana Fashion and Design Week 2013 revealing her nipples (sorry I had to censor the pix above, no vex). Watch out for this chick.




Anita Omofonma: This dark skinned beauty is a model who shows her hot scrumptious body in lingerie shots. Her dream is to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine. She schools at Bells University, Ogun State. Her twitter handle is @Annieleash.




Chinyere Adogu: Well, didn’t see much about Chinyere apart from the fact that she schooled in the USA and contested for the Miss New York Teen 2012 crown.




Chinaza Utaku: The fact that her favorite meal is Indomie would scare any prospective suitor (I just hope she can cook sha..lol). She was one of the ten finalists at the Nigeria Next Super Model competition 2012. Her email addy is zikabrown@yahoo.com.




Queen Celestine: She’s already a queen by name, but this ex-Madonna University student wants a crown to match. She was a contestant at Miss Nigeria 2013, she obviously didn’t win (if not she won’t be gunning for The MBGN crown). She didn’t give up her dream of being a beauty queen and she’s back again. Goodluck to her.




Prosper Ayuk: This young girl has a cheeky smile that would soften even the ‘stoniest’ heart. She’s already a beauty queen haven just won Cross River’s Most Beautiful Girl 2014 crown and she’s here to add the MBGN 2014 title to her collection of beauty pageant victories.




Benita Akpofe: This chick is an actress whose slowly establishing herself in Nollywood with roles in “Sexy Girls”, “Deperate Maidens” and many other movies. She signed a multi-million naira contract two years ago with a top Hair manufacturing company in Brazil for one of their hair products (she’s a big girl shey so what’s she doing here…hmmmm!!!).




Ineh Angel: Her name alone is angelic..lol. She’s a former contestant for Miss West Africa Nigeria 2011. She’s very preety and she’s representing my Anambra state (go girl..whoop whoop). Her FB page is Ineh Angel.




Iheoma Nnadi: She schooled or studying (not sure if she has finished) Psychology in Greenwich College, South Africa. She models in South Africa also. Her twitter handle is @iheromannadi and email: iheoma-nnadi@hotmail.com.




Erica Nlewedim: I graduated from Covenant University and that’s where this beautiful young girl finished from too. CU peeps now have someone to famze about..lol. She was in the drama unit in school and was quite friendly according to a blogger friend.




Sarah Jegede: She’s the chick with the big ass brown afro. A psychologist with the nickname Jegzy. Her twitter handle is @jegzy.




Obafunke Braithwaite: This cutie finished from Dowen College, Lagos and presently schools at University of Leicester, UK. She looks like she’s gonna go far in the contest. Her twitter handle is @omobraithy and FB page: Obafunke Simi Braithwaite.




Jane Ekanem: This model from Akwa Ibom is a beauty pageant specialist haven won the Miss Eket Carnival Queen crown in 2012 and Miss Heritage crown in 2009. Her username on FB is Jekanem2.




Princess Dennar: She’s a beautiful “smallie” Uniport student who won the Miss Polo PH crown and has competed for various beauty pageant crowns including Miss Pulse 2014 and Aquafina Elite Model Look 2013.

Click HERE to check out the full list of 30 contestants.

Do you know any of the 30 contestants personally?
Who do you think is gonna win?
Do you approve of my 15?
What’s your top 15?

Please share your thoughts below. Cheers

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  1. Wow thanks for sharing. Those Naija girls are so sweet.

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