When Boasting is a Good Thing


The word boast comes from the Hebrew word “ha-LAL”, which means “to shine” or “to glory.” A boaster is a “shiner,” or “one who makes a show.” He is a “glorier,” or one who glories in himself. He is one who boasts in his own strength. He boasts of his own righteousness as forming some or all of the ground of his salvation. He glories in his own works as that which make the difference between him and the unsaved.
The Bible says in Psalms 5:5 “The boastful shall not stand before your eyes” (English Standard Version) God hates boasters.
It’s boasters that lament to God about how they have done this, done that. It’s boasters that will take envy in someone else’s joy and be like “God I have not slept with a man for years, I have not sinned, I have kept your commandments but yet I am single but see that girl that has been sleeping around, she is a sinner but yet she is married. God why?”
A prime example of a boaster is Elijah. Elijah told God in 1 Kings 19:10,14 that he was the only righteous person left in Israel and that’s why people desired him dead. But God tired of his boastful attitude instructed him to anoint Elisha to take over from him and told him in 1 Kings 19:18 that he (Elijah) is not the only righteous person left, that He (God) has 7,000 righteous people that can take over from him (Elijah).

In contrast to the personal boasters are those that boast in God. Galatians 6:14 says “But may it never be for me to boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.” When we boast, boast in God. Boast in His achievements, boast in His Glory, boast in His amazing power. Boast in the knowledge that He is the lion of the tribe of Judah and will protect you from the snares of the devil. Boast in the understanding that He is the Alpha and Omega, He is the beginning and the end. Boast in the knowledge that He loves and cherishes you. Boast in the understanding that He gave up His only son to die for you. Boast in the fact that He will never let you down, He will never forsake you.
Its not bad to boast but the key word is boast in God’s achievements and God’s love not in your own achievements.

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  1. jgarrott says:

    I found this post because of just posting myself about boasting. Most boasting comes from insecurity. When we know who we are in Christ, and who He is in us, we have no need to boast, but rejoice to talk about Him.

    1. Exactly. Very well said Sir. I will look up your article on boasting. Cheers

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