What Your Number of Sexual Partners Says About You


Everyone should know the amount of sexual partners you have had unless you were a major playboy back in the day or you have slept with the whole school as a girl. When it comes to the topic of sex, one thing defines sex from a man and a woman’s perspective; quality and quantity. To most men, sex is about the amount of times they have it (quantity) whereas to most women, its not how many but how well (quality).
This ideology makes men inflate the amount of sex partners they have had (if its really 5, he says 15) and makes women downplay the amount of sex partners they have had (if its really 20, expect to hear 5). Women guard their number like their life depended on it while men will boast about theirs at the slightest mention.
Before proceeding, my thoughts on this topic are totally subjective so please feel free to disagree. Without further ado, what your number of sexual partners says about you for both men and women.

Girls: You’re a virgin. Most times its by choice. In the sense that you are yet to find the right person to share this intimate part of you with or you have decided to wait till marriage. Good luck to you.

Guys: You’re a virgin. Most times its not by choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few guys out there that want to wait till marriage but no guy is a virgin because he is waiting for the right girl. He’s a virgin because he has not had the opportunity to have sex or are very religious. To you I will say all the best my friend.

Girls: Every girl on earth remembers the guy she lost her virginity. Your first time was probably not as rosy, love and passion filled as you expected. Most Girls with less than 5 sex partners have either been in long term relationships, religious or don’t just enjoy sex.

Guys: The first girl that finally allowed you to test your masculinity wouldn’t ring a bell because you didn’t impress as much as you wished. Most guys with less than 5 sexual partners have either been in long term relationships and been very faithful, very religious, not a sexual person or wasn’t just good at wooeing girls to bed.

Girls: You are probably getting to the stage where you have to start lieing about the number of guys you have had sex with. Girls with almost 10 sexual partners like sex but still attach love to sex, she’ll hardly have sex with someone she doesn’t love but once in a while an exception would do.

Guys: You have gotten to the stage where you don’t have to inflate the amount of girls you have slept with so as not to look like a total whimp. There is a 50% chance that you have directly been involved in at least one real female orgasm. Most guys with less than 10 sexual partners like sex but not enough to sleep with more girls because of his spiritual standing, personal belief or lack of opportunity.

Girls: Now this is the beginning of the “its private or lieing about the number” stage where you either lie about the amount of guys you have had sex with or you just say its private. Most girls with almost 17 sexual partners don’t attach as much importance to sex and love like other girls would. This girl is/was either a club girl, a once in a while fling kinda girl or a girl that likes sex so much as to get it when she wants it. If you are on this level, your care free attitude will probably come back to bite you in the ass at some point.

Guys: It has gotten to the stage where your slick sweet tongued approach has made you a frequent ladies man in bed. This is the stage where you feel fly, puff out your collar and tell your guys of your many exploits. Guys at this stage love sex and like to get it as much as possible. Quality doesn’t really matter, quantity is the watchword for you. Guys at this stage don’t like committments and are not in relationships or cheating on their spouse.

Girls: I can assure you that girls at this stage have lost count of the amount of guys they have sex with. They just assumed a number and that brought them to settle for 17 to 26. Whether you like it or not, I’ll have to tell you the truth. You have had too much. Girls at this stage have either a psychological problem that they use sex to compensate, have low self esteem and use sex to hide it or just don’t care. To them, love and sex don’t go together. These are girls that use sex as a tool for obtaining favors from men.

Guys: When a guy gets to this stage, he then realizes that life is more than sex. He sees his mates getting married and it dawns on him that even most of the girls he has bedded are now married and that brings him back to his senses. These are guys that have had sex anywhere thinkable and can meet a girl today and sleep with her that same day. They are players but not yet to the stage of the next group of guys.

Girls: This is the stage where a girl just tells you honestly that she has lost count. She has had 5 real relationships, 10 flings, 12 drunken sexcapades, 15 plus run girl activities and so on. To these girls there is always someone they are dating by the side but have to do what she has to do to make money and fend for themselves. A girl at this stage doesn’t have sex for free. Never. Its either you pay with money (aristo), you pay with marks (lecturer) or you pay with rent (landlord). The funny part is that these are the sort of girls that will end up marrying the most amazing types of men. That’s the man that made her good.

Guys: A guy at this stage has definitely made a name for himself amongst his friends. He’s the type of guy that sleeps with anything in skirt. He’s a bachelor and enjoying it to the fullest. He is a hardworking fella at work and makes enough money to fund his outlandish habit. He enjoys sex and doesn’t hide it. He’s slick tongued enough to bed any girl he wants but doesn’t like time wasters. If he can’t get you naturally, he pays to get you and if that doesn’t work, he moves on to the next catch. He’s watchword is “there are many fishes in the sea”. If you ask him if love and sex are related, he says “Yes off course, I don’t have sex with a girl I love, I love sex that’s why I have sex.”

As I’ll always say, abstainance is still and will always be the best answer to sex because sex is worth waiting for. But if e do you too much, follow Plan B, please be faithful to a faithful partner. If Plan A and Plan B doesn’t fit you then Plan C (condom use) is highly recommended. Don’t forget to read: 10 Ways Sex Ruins Relationships.

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    so so true.

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