What Your Favourite Number Says About You

ur number

I was researching a subject online when I came across a claim by numerologists (people that study numbers) that there is a special relationship with someone’s character and their favorite single-digit number (1-9).
To test the theory, I chose my favorite number (7) and took the test and was amazed at my findings. It described me from head to toe. You could choose your favorite single-digit number and read what it says about you.

One: Traditionally linked to the sun, it is seen as a ‘strong and individualistic’ number and people who favour this number are good leaders with courage and ambition. They can also be demanding and selfish.

Two: People who prefer the number two are prone to being emotional and intuitive but are often introverted and overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Three: Outgoing and witty people tend to favour the number three. They are expressive and artistic but can be aggressive and egotistical.

Four: Alternatively,people who like the number four are sturdy, steady and reliable. They can be stubborn and complain a lot.

Five: This number is linked to travel. Those who prefer this number hate being stuck in one place for too long and are easily bored. They have a tendency to be dramatic and fickle.

Six: If someone prefers the number six they are calm and caring, but prone to being clingy, self-righteous and vain.

Seven: According to numerology, people who choose the number seven are wise and intellectual, but can also be critical and impatient.

Eight: Powerful, successful people tend to favour the number eight, but this can make them materialistic and workaholics.

Nine: This number is said to combine the other numbers and their traits. People who prefer the number nine are prone to mood swings and self-pity.

So did your favorite number match with your personality traits? Share with us your thoughts.

Seventh Heaven: Poll reveals the world’s favourite number is 7 – and it may be down to the digit’s religious significance by Daily Mail Online.

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