50 Things You Should Know About Your Partner


Its funny how many couples have been together for a very long time yet don’t know a lot of things about each other. My question to you is; how well do you know your partner?

These are 50 things you should know about your partner.

1. What’s your partner’s full names including nicknames?
2. What’s your spouse’s date of birth?
3. In what city was your spouse born?
4. Where is your partner from including local government, state of origin and country?
5. Which schools did your spouse attend from Primary school to the University?
6. What are his/her favorite food or meal and favorite colors?
7. What’s your spouse’s favorite pastime activity or hobbies?
8. What’s your spouse’s blood type and blood group?
9. What course did your spouse study in the University, what grade did he/she graduate with (1st class/2-1/2-2) or what course is your spouse studying in school and which level is he/she presently in?
10. What cities or countries did your spouse grow up in and have he/she visited?
11. How many languages can your spouse speak?
12. What are your spouse’s greatest fears?
13. What’s your spouse’s home address?
14. Who are your spouse’s closest friends?
15. What’s your spouse’s religion and where does he/she worship?
16. What are your spouse’s favorite channels on TV and favorite movies/series?
17. What’s your spouse’s phone number and email address?
18. What’s your spouse’s love language (e.g: acts of service or accepting gifts or physical touch or words of affirmation or quality time). For more info, READ
19. What’s her bra size, his/her shoe size, her dress size, his/her waist size (when you want to surprise him/her with clothes or undies then you don’t have to guess or ask and spoil the surprise).
20. What are your spouse’s dress sense and his/her favorite clothing brands?
21. Does your spouse like or have pets and what animals are they afraid of?
22. What’s their favorite hangout spots (beach, cinemas etc)?
23. Where does your spouse work?
24. Can your spouse cook and what can they cook?
25. What’s your spouse’s favorite vacation spot?
26. What are your spouse’s likes and dislikes?
27. What’s your spouse’s favorite music genre and favorite music artists?
28. What’s your spouse’s sexual preferences including favorite sex position, frequency of sex, type and length of foreplay etc.

29. Who was your spouse’s first love and first kiss?
30. What “hurt” from the past has your spouse struggled most to overcome?
31. What are the names of your spouse’s exs’ and what cause them to break up?
32. Have they been heartbroken before and by who?
33. When did your spouse have sex for the first time and who disvirgined him/her and if your spouse is a virgin, why is he/she still a virgin?

34. When is your anniversary (when did you guys start dating)?
35. When did you both have your first kiss and where?
36. What’s the most romantic thing he/she has done for you?
37. What single word would your spouse use to describe you?
38. What’s would your spouse say is your most annoying habit?
39. How many children does your spouse want to have when married?

40. What are your spouse’s parent’s full names?
41. What’s your spouse’s mother’s maiden name?
42. To which of your spouse’s family member’s is he/she closest to and why?
43. How many siblings does he/she have, which position in the family is your spouse and the names of his/her siblings?

44. What are your spouse’s dreams and aspirations in life?
45. What does your spouse think is his or her greatest personal strength and greatest personal weakness?
46. If your spouse had the job of his/her dreams, what would it be?
47. What are your spouse’s talents (e.g: public speaking, good voice, athletic etc)
48. What’s your spouse’s personality (e.g: introverts, extroverts, shy, noisy, lousy etc)?
49. If the World was coming to an end and your spouse could save one thing and one person, who and what would it be?
50. If your spouse were to be an animal, what animal would he/she be and why? (personality test)

So how well do you know your partner? If you got 40 questions and above right then you get an A. If you know between 30 and 40, then you get a B. If you know between 20 and 30, that’s a C. If you know between 10 and 20, that’s a D. If you know less than 10, you just carried over a course of love. Please resit.

Download: The “THE KNOW YOUR SPOUSE GAME” in pdf and play with your spouse.


Acknowledgment: Thank you Seun Juliet for your contribution to the compilation of this list. God bless you.

50 Things You Should Know About Your Spouse by Wes’s Practical Spirituality Blog

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  1. juliet says:

    Fun fun fun 🙂

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