How To Ask A Guy Out (10 Girls Confess)

ask a guy out

A friend of mine told me how she likes a particular guy but doesn’t know how to tell him or let him know. I’m sure as a girl reading this, you have asked yourself this question too. You like him but you are caught between suppressing your feelings and beefing every girl you see around him or take the plunge by telling him how you feel even if he doesn’t feel the same way and also risk him taking advantage of you.
I wanted to know how a girl could toast a guy or at least make him aware of her feelings so I undertook a mini research. For the purpose of this study, 70 ladies were asked the question “If you like a guy and he’s not making the first move, how do you toast him or at least make him know u like him?”
These are my findings; 2 respondents said they didn’t know what to do, 8 said they won’t do anything (if it happens, it happens), another 8 said they will invite him out and tell him how they feel, 12 said they will go as far as asking him out while the majority (40) said they will give him green light by being nice and caring and hoping it figures it out himself

Below are just 10 of the responses I got and later, my own take on this issue.

I will keep to myself because in most cases, it doesn’t work out for girls that make the first move.

I’ll maintain eye contact, smile all the time to him and laugh at his dry jokes.

I will develop a genuine interest in him, be friendly and show up at places he frequents.

If I really like him, I’ll make him a good friend and get involved in the things he likes, plans or projects he is working on which will let him see how interested I am in him and his life. All of a sudden, I’ll lay low for a while and let him miss me then when he see me the next time he’ll mention it or if he doesn’t I’ll give hints. If he still doesn’t see me that way, then I’ll move on.

I’ll be friendly and tell him that I will want us to hang out someday and discuss personal issues. In the process, he will get my point.

He is not a woman that I would start taking him out on a date or sending him love notes. If I like him, I will simply walk up to him and woo him properly by telling him I like him and want us to get something going.

I’ll smile, grant him special attention and a gentle touch here and there should be fine.

If I like a guy and I know it is eating me up, I can make d first move, I don’t have to wait for him to make the move.

I won’t do anything outside being my usual self because making too much effort to be noticed is premeditated and takes away the excitement of the unknown.

I will let him know what I feel for him, it’s now left for him to agree or disagree and if he takes advantage of me well, at least I still tasted what I desired.

I will make him notice me without being lousy or making it obvious and I’ll wait for him to do the rest.


It’s one thing having feelings for a guy and its another thing finding the precise avenues to relay those feelings to him (assuming he’s not smart enough to notice). The first lesson is that a guy is the toaster while the lady is the “toastee”. A guy is the hunter while you are the desired sweet antelope (permit my illustration). Can you imagine a hunter gets home and meets an antelope in his room and the antelope says “please hunter, I like you, please come and eat me? As a hunter wouldn’t you run for your life, this antelope is not normal. That’s what it looks like when a girl asks a guy out. Asking a guy out gives him reasons to back out when he feels like it. Most will take advantage of your honesty, if it doesn’t work out you will hear things like “you asked me out, I didn’t want to date you”. An antelope can’t offer itself to a hunter and the hunter will not eat it. If you offer yourself to a man, he will willingly enjoy you, whether he wanted to or not.
My advice, be extra nice, don’t be pushy or lousy, do small shakara, but all in all, don’t ask him out. He’s the man, let him take the lead. Don’t do his job for him.


Appreciation: Thanks to all the ladies that took out time to reply my question. Sorry I couldn’t put everyone’s responses in the article. Thank you very much.

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  1. arielugorji says:

    First off. I think ladies need to realise that guys are lousy with signals. We’re not being insensitive or blind. It’s genetic. A guy thing. Most of us don’t “get” those signals you’re trying to pass across, and if/when we begin to figure them out, we’re generally very cautious about acting on them to avoid misinterpretation.
    2ndly, I don’t agree with d “hunter/antelope” analogy cos we’re talking about emotions here not d primal desire to feed. We’re not hunting you and depending on how u go about it, we really do appreciate it when we know how you feel. If/when you do have feelings for us.

    1. I agree with you Sir. you made some valid points here. Thanks for sharing

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