The Most Interesting Book in the Bible


People say that the Bible is the sometimes boring with its long tales of Old Testament stories including how people offered sacrifices to God and so on.
I have had a glimpse (didn’t read thoroughly) of all the books in the Bible and I have come to the conclusion that 1 Samuel is by far the most interesting book in the whole Bible. Below are 20 reasons why you should read it from Chapter 1 to 31. (I finished it in 3 days so its not long).

1. It describes the mysterious birth of Samuel by Hannah (the barren woman). Hannah was barren for years and God opened her womb and she bore a son and named him Samuel (Heard by God). Hannah gave Samuel to God to serve Him. (Chapter 1)

2. The first missed call in the World happened in this book when God called Samuel three times and he kept on thinking it was Prophet Eli that was calling him. (Chapter 3)

3. Eli’s children went against God and He ended their lives including that of Eli.(Chapter 2 and 4)

4. The Philistines captured the Ark of God and took it to Ashdod where their god Dagon bowed before the Ark. God afflicted the people that stole the Ark until they returned it to Israel. (Chapter 4, 5 & 6)

5. Samuel was Israel’s leader but they desired a King because they wanted to be like other Kingdoms that had Kings so Samuel anointed Saul as King over Israel. (Chapter 8 & 10)

6. Saul was described as one of the most handsome men in Israel and the tallest in the whole Israel. Saul was also from the smallest tribe of Israel (Benjamine tribe). (Chapter 9)

7. Saul became King at age 30 and ruled for 42 years. (Chapter 13)

8. King Saul’s son Jonathan and his armour-bearer killed some of the Philistines with their bare hands and feet backed by God. (Chapter 14)

9. King Saul attempts to kill his son Jonathan because he sinned against God by eating when everyone was supposed not to but the people of Israel saved Jonathan’s life. (Chapter 14)

10. Saul was told by God through Prophet Samuel to demolish the Amalekites but he disobeyed and God rejected him as king. (Chapter 15)

11. God regrets that He made Saul king over Israel. (Chapter 15)

12. God wants another King and instructs Samuel to go and anoint David who was the youngest of the 8 sons of Jesse. Samuel almost anoints his elder brothers on physical appearance but God tells him who to anoint. (Chapter 16)

13. DAVID KILLS GOLIATH (Chapter 17)

14. Saul gets envious of David and attempts to kill him more than 12 times (Chapter 18, 19)

15. David and Jonathan (Saul’s son) prophesy their love for each other after which they made a covenant to each other. (Chapter 20)

16. Saul kills 85 priests, their wives and children because he believes they helped David escape him. (Chapter 22)

17. David spares Saul’s life not once but twice. (Chapter 24 and 26)

18. The story of Nabal and Abigail and how David married his second wife. This is a must read chapter for every woman. (Chapter 25)

19. David and his soldier’s wives, daughters and sons were kidnapped by the Amalekites and they (grown men) cried like babies. They later summoned courage and backed by God they recovered all they lost and more. (Chapter 30)

20. King Saul commits suicide to escape capture by the Philistines. He is thereafter beheaded, burnt and his bones were buried under a tree. (Chapter 31)

I’m sure when you start this book, you will find it hard to drop it. An amazing book of love, hatred, victory, anointing and God’s power. Be blessed as you read it.

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