Prophetic Instructions From Bishop David Oyedepo

Papa Bishop

I attended Winners Chapel’s midweek service today (18/06/14) and was tuned in via satellite to a live broadcast from Canaanland.
Bishop David Oyedepo ministered and gave various instructions that he told us to share with everyone via phone calls, sms, email, bbm and any means possible. So this is me obeying the instructions of my father in the Lord. Below are instructions delivered to us by God through Bishop David Oyedepo.


Instructions From Bishop Oyedepo (Papa):

The months of June and July indicates the midst of the year and this is the most critical part of the year. It is a season set apart to work for the Lord and it should be taken as the most spiritual time of your life. This period is our greatest season of opportunity; our prophetic season of opportunity. The midst of the year is the climax until Shiloh.

1. From now till the end of July should be taken as the most spiritual period of the year thus far.

2. A pamphlet was given out at the start of the year with prophetic declarations for the year. Study that pamphlet, put yourself in every declaration, read it loud to yourself and prophecy it into your life.

3. Every one must engage in the oil of destiny. This oil will destroy every enemy of your destiny. So therefore:

A. Anoint your homes and offices or business areas with the anointing oil (once).

B. Every morning when you wake up, anoint your forehead with the anointing oil before you set out to work or business (daily).

C. Every evening before you retire to bed, anoint your forehead and take a shot of the anointing oil (daily).

This is a prophetic instruction and should not be taken lightly. Take this very seriously because only a serious approach glorious result.


In the words of Bishop Oyedepo.
“This is one of the most humbling testimonies I have ever witnessed in my life. A man was called and told to come somewhere for a talk the next day. He left home in an okada. As he got back from where he went to, his children came out with umbrella to shield this father from the rain because it was drizzling only to see the same father that left in an okada arrive in a brand new jeep with an official driver. By the time I was speaking with him, he was about flying out in a private plane with his boss. Mind you this happened without him submitting application anywhere, there was no interview. There was no prophecy. This just happened from nowhere. I have never seen things happen this fast and unexpectedly in my life before.
This is our year of strange works and strange acts. As God did it for this man, God will give you this kind of unbelievable and sudden testimony this week in Jesus Name”.



On the 15th of June (sunday morning before service commenced), bombs were found on the premises and inside the Living Faith Church (a.k.a Winners Chapel), Port Harcourt Road, Owerri, capital city of Imo State. For more info:

Bishop Oyedepo led the church in a thanksgiving prayer for saving the lives of souls in the church and attributed the victory over Boko Haram to God through “the prayer of the faithful”. He said the battle line has been drawn and then prophesied backed by the Word of God in 2 Corinthians 20:22 that before the next of this week, Boko Haram will start fighting themselves. He added that there shall be waves upon waves of Divine judgment in their camp. They will shoot and kill themselves in Jesus Name.

Please, please and please. Share this with every Winners Chapel member you know and every Christian in general. Its an instruction from Papa and this is me doing my part. Please do yours.

Exceeding Grace, Strange Works. Strange Acts, Exceeding Grace & that’s our portion in Jesus Name, AMEN.

God bless you.

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  1. Francis says:

    pls I want one of the prophetic declaration pamphlets sent to me via email. Thank You.

  2. It is an Impactation of a lifetime serving under this great generation changer.

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