Akikitan (A Women Only Program)

when women worship

Have you been AKIKITANized?
Its everywhere on social media and you better get on board..lol


akikitan sam-adeoye_497071 akikitan -img_20140609_131641

Screen_20140610_10266_1 Screen_20140610_10181

Screen_20140610_102956 Screen_20140610_103025

Even the kids were not left out…..

akikitan-img_20140609_191423 akikitan baby

Screen_20140610_10322 Screen_20140610_102834
I love how peeps be asking me ‘what’s going on?” ‘What’s Akikitan?”

So what’s Akikitan?

Akikitan is a Yoruba word translated as “When Words Fail” which means that there are not enough superlatives, not enough words, not enough names or enough songs to describe God. Akikitan is a WOMEN ONLY program powered by the “When Women Worship” arm of David’s Christian Center. It’s an avenue of worship and thanksgiving where over 2000 women come together to praise God, share testimonies, motivate each other and bask in the euphoria of God’s presence.

Akikitan teaser akikitan part 2
Ministering: Onos, Palmira, Efe and Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo (Host)
Gate Fee: FREE
Dress code: African Print
Date: 15th June 2014
Time: 4pm prompt
Venue: David’s Christian Center, Victory Dome, behinds PHCN office, Fatgbems busstop, Oshodi/Mile 2 Express Way, Lagos State.
For more info: 08077714411 and 08028356363 or visit: http://eziaha.com/2014/06/09/akikitanized/

Remember its a Ladies only program…no men allowed! This is actually the first time I wish I was a woman..lol. There is God ooo!!!

Come and Be Blessed!!!

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