7 Things Death Teaches Us



When someone dies relatively young, we have questions at the back of our minds as to why death is so cruel, why the good die young and the evil ones stay alive and healthy. Yesterday another popular figure in Nigeria died and I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to put up this article to address some of our deep concerns about death. Read and be blessed.

1. Death is not from God: There is this popular notion that “God gives, God takes”. That’s a notion implanted in the minds of people by the devil through the mouth of Job in Job 1:21. That passage is often misunderstood as meaning God gives children and takes them prematurely when He wants them in Heaven. God is light and death is darkness. Can light and darkness mingle? NO! The same God that said “The thief (devil) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I (God) am come that they might have life, and that they might have it in abundance” (John 10:10). The same God that said “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may turn away from the snares of death.” (Proverbs 14:27). The very same God that also said “Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil, for I am with me; My rod and My staff will comfort you.” (Psalm 23:4). This is the same God that will take (terminate our lives on earth) His children. The same Children that He sent His only son to die for? God does not take people, the devil kills people.

2. Sickness is from the devil: Sickness is highly spiritual. Sickness is devil’s way of afflicting us. In the Old Testament, Satan afflicted Job with sickness in Job 2:7 “Satan went out from the presence of the LORD and afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the top of his head”. In the New Testament, Jesus went about healing people that were sick and casting out the devil causing those sicknesses. For example, in Matt 12:22-28 “Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed him”. In Luke 8:2 “And also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases.”
The same God that said in Exodus 23:25 “Serve the Lord and He will take away sickness from thee”. The same God that said “I wish above all things that thou mayest proper and be in health” (3 John 1:2). The same God that said in Proverbs 53:5 “By His stripes we are healed”. The same God that said “Himself bore our infirmities and took our sickness” (Matthew 8:17). The same God that said in Psalms 103:3 “Bless the Lord who heals all your diseases”. The same God that made all those statements would now give you and I sickness? If sickness is from God then why would Jesus be healing the sick? Doesn’t make sense, does it? The devil is the cause of sickness. When next you have malaria, typhoid, cancer etc, pray against the spirit of sickness not against the sickness itself and with faith you will be healed.

3. God doesn’t punish you for sinning: This is the most ludicrous accusation ever made of God. God gave His only son to die for your sin and thats the same God that will punish you for the same sin He gave up His only son to die for? The devil and his tricks. Let me explain this to you the best way I can (I hope the Holy Spirit explains it to you better). Jesus came to die for the sins you committed in the past, the present sins you are committing and future sins that you are yet to commit. That means even the sins you are yet to commit, He died for them all. Why then will He punish you for the sin He already died for. When you sin, ask for forgiveness and His Grace will cover you but when you sin and don’t come back to Him, you leave your self open to the attacks of the devil.

4. We are here for a purpose: We are all on earth for a reason. God put in us a special gift but the problem is most people never unwrap that gift. We are not on earth just to make money, feed our children, enjoy life and die. NO WAY. Life is about impactful living. Jeremiah 1:5 says “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew you; Before you were born I set you apart.” God knew you before you were born and He set you apart for something. What are you set apart for?
Prof Dora Akunyili and Kefee were set apart for different missions on earth, while one was set apart for National development and public service, the other was set apart to use worship as a medium of soul winning for God’s kingdom. I am set apart to use motivational and inspirational writeups like this to win souls to God’s kingdom. What are you set apart for? Find your calling and pursue it.

5. Be thankful: I wrote a very short article titled Attitude of Gratitude where I explained the importance of gratitude in our everyday life. Many people have gone to the great beyond, some more influential than us, some richer than us, some stronger than us and you are here complaining to God because you are not in school, or don’t have a job, or don’t have a car. Appreciate what you have before its taken away from you and given to someone else that would be more grateful.

6. We are not worthy: Do you think you are alive because you deserve it? Do you think you are alive because you are the most righteous person? Do you think you are alive because you are Holy enough? Do you think you are alive because you are the kindest, the most gentle, the most humble? Many people far better than you, far richer than you will ever be, far kinder than you have died. None of us is worthy of God’s goodness. Thank God for a brand new day everyday you live and don’t live life like its your right.

7. God wants us to live long: God wants us to live long and fulfill our days on earth. Psalms 91:16 says “with long life will I satisfy thee..” and Exodus 23:26b says “…I will give you a full life span” (NIV). Another version of the same scripture says “..I will give you long full lives” (NLT). Yet another version says “…I will let you live a normal life span” (GWT). Another version also says “…I will fulfill the number of your days” (KJV). God is telling us that we will live long. Take hold of that Word and when sickness comes remind it that God said you will live long. Long is definitely not 40+ or 50+ or 60+ or 70+ or even 80+. Long is loooooooooooooooooong.


I’ll love to use this medium to pay my (our) last respects to Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili and Kefee Obareki of Nigeria.
The amazingly inspirational Prof Dora passed on the 7th of June while Grace filled gospel artist Kefee died on the 13th June.
They left behind grieving husbands, families, friends, fans and admirers. May their souls rest in peace and may God’s warmth and peace engulf their families and friends granting them the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

Dora Akunyili3Kefee

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kenny Smith says:

    Amen amen and amen…may your inspirtation never dies too..and you also shall live longer than our ancestors…God bless you baba mi

    1. AMEEEEEEEEEEEEN. Thank you so much Kenny. God bless you even more……

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