Understanding Ramadan (A Christian’s Perspective)


I was in the boarding house during my Secondary school days and I witnessed first hand the Muslims and their Ramadan.
Those days, the Muslims students would get up very early, pray and then eat between the hours of 4:30am and 5:30am and then commence their fast that lasted till around 7pm. The Muslim students eat better food to help them with their fast while we not fasting eat bread and tea for breakfast. So I got up early with them to help those that couldn’t finish their food..lol.
Even the seniors that used to beat us or deal with we the juniors in the hostel became very quiet, prayerful and kind during Ramadan. To cut the long story short, we (I in particular) for reasons listed above and others always looked forward to Ramadan.

As a Christian, Muslims have always intrigued me and the ideology and practice of the Ramadan period has been of great interest to me. I keep wondering what makes it so important for them to be holy during the month of Ramadan. If we are very observant, you’ll notice that during this fasting period, the Muslims desist from unholy words, actions and habits. The ladies that were used to wearing cleavage showing tops and jaw dropping attired would be seen in Hijab and cover themselves up like an Imam’s wife.
Most see no difficult in offering help,rendering assistance and doing good generally (Many Muslims live like this on a normal day while others do good only on Ramadan period).

According to Kenny Smith, my Muslim brother, the things you can do during this period to gain Allah’s mercy and favour include:
1. Reciting the Qur’an: The Qur’an has 600 pages approximately. If you divide it on 30 days, that’s 20 pages a day which is not easy but when you divide it on the 5 prayers a day, it gets easier. As a Muslim,if you read 4 pages after every Salah in Ramadan, then you’ve completed the Qur’an.

2. Doing Good: One of the Prophet’s Apostles says and I quote “do good to those who do evil to you, if you don’t get tired of it, you are sure to gain Allah’s favour more than someone who did fasting for 30days”.
Doing good has been a principle of the Muslims either before or during Ramadan but this since the Ramadan is a holy month, good deeds goes a long way in obtaining favor from God.

3. Praying: As a Christian, one of the reasons I have envy the Muslims is the frequency of their prayers which is 5 times a day. Ola my muslim sister told me that each prayer has a time and a name attached to it. The 6am prayer is called subhi, the 2pm prayer is zuhr, the 4pm prayer is asr, the 6pm prayer is called maygrib and the 8pm prayer is known as ishahi. The importance of these prayers on an empty stomach during the fast of the Ramadan cannot be overemphasied.

The Ramadan like the Easter for Christians has no fixed date. According to Ola, its start date is dependent on the moon and the Islamic calendar but this year’s Ramadan would commence on the 28th of June, 2014.

I believe with this article, I have been able to enlighten the Christians on this special holy month of Muslims called the Ramadan.
I hope also that our muslim brothers and sisters are getting fat now because for 30 days, your gonna be experiencing weight loss whether you like it or not..lol

As Christians, Muslims, Atheists, we are all created by one God. Let’s continue to show each other love and let’s live in peace. Give no room for discrimination. Let’s share love and not blood. There is God oooo.

I wish you all the best as we approach the holy month. Maa’Salam and Ramadan Kareem

Vote of Thanks:
Kenny Smith for the inspiration behind this article. I told him to write me a draft on Ramadan and he wrote it in less than an hour. Very dependable man. God bless you Sir
Agboola Kafayat Ola for the spine of this article. I pinged her with over 30 questions on Ramadan and Muslims and she answered all. God bless you dear.
Salaudeen Mutiat Abiola for going through the article. She’s a mother and wife and there was no other person I trusted to endorse this article before publishing. God bless you ma.

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  1. Sobur Adedokun says:

    I Almost Would Deny A Christian Wrote This Until I Saw The Apprecations.Exactly Accurate.More Ink To Your Biro!

    1. hahahahahaha. Thanks Sobur

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