Be Like Children More Often


I was reading my Bible as I do every morning but something about today’s Bible study moved me. I was reading the whole chapter 18 of the book of Matthew where Jesus told the disciples that they have to become like little children before they can enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:1-5). I wondered to myself, so does that mean only children will make Heaven but it was then that the Holy Spirit explained the meaning of that scripture and its importance in our walk with God.

1. Be easily correctable: I put up a picture on my BBM last week and a friend didn’t like the picture one bit. She confronted me and I took offense to her rebuke not even seeing reason to her point of view. My pride was at stake and I had to defend myself. The more we grow, the more defensive we become of our views. We tend to think no one has the right to correct us because we know what we are saying. As a child, this was never the case. As a child when our parents corrected us whether with words or with the cane, we hardly defended ourselves or made a fuzz about it.
God is telling us to be like children and take corrections because no one knows it all. Don’t take a correction like an attack on your intellectuality or personality. Take correction like an avenue to learn.

2. Focus on the internal not the external: I was a crazy football player during my childhood days in primary school. After playing soccer, we would enter our various classes dripping in sweat but the girls that liked us never liked us less. Those days dark skinned girls liked their skin colour and never envied the fair skinned girls. Girls were never really particular about their looks whether they were on low cut, jerry curl, telephone curl or didi, we loved them all the same because they were girls. Fast forward to now that we are grown ups, we more or less disregard the content (internal attributes) for the container (external feature). People work on their looks more than they work on their habits. People spend more on clothes, makeup, jeweleries than they spend on books, educative items.
God is telling us to behave like children and work on ourselves internally. We should not focus on the external features of people but what they carry on the inside.

3. Worry less: This is the most profound part of childhood and I’m sure most of us miss it like mad. Remember those days that we never worried about anything, about what we will eat, what we will drink, what we will wear, our school fees because we had parents that will do anything to take care of us. We are now grown ups and have to fend for ourselves, we worry about every single thing, we worry about what we will eat, we worry about money, we worry about tomorrow, we worry about love, we worry about family, we worry about marriage, we even worry about worry.
If you were not worried as a Child because you had a parent that you knew would take care of your needs. God is telling you to worry about nothing for He is your father and He will take care of your needs.

4. Let God fight for you: Thinking about this just brings a huge smile on my face. Remember those days in school that if someone beats you or offends you or takes your pencil or takes your book, you will reply with “I will tell my mummy for you”. As soon as you made that statement, the other child knowing the implications of you telling your mummy would give you what he/she took to avoid trouble. Even if someone beats us, we are confident our big brother, uncle or father will beat that person for us.
We have grown up and we are macho and don’t need anyone to defend us anymore. We want to fight for ourselves and anyone that steps on our toes is in hot soup. We are afraid of our enemies because we don’t know what they have planned for us.
God is telling you to act like a child and let Him fight for you. You are God’s baby and anyone that steps on your toe steps on God’s toe and you know what that means. Don’t be afraid of the devil or enemies.

5. Forgive easily: As a child when we get offended by our friends, we either throw a tantrum or cry. After crying we are still seen with that same friend that offended us earliar because as children we never really took anything to heart. We offend people easily and we forgive people easily. As grown ups, forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. We always ask God for forgiveness but we don’t forgive others that have wronged us.
God is telling us to act like children and forgive people easily. Forgiving doesn’t mean the person deserves it, you are forgiving so that you can move on and God can forgive you too.

6. Be quick to learn: A research was conducted and it was found out that the best time to teach someone a language is when the person is still a child. Most languages we know now were learnt when we were kids because our mind was still open and our brain was free for the reception of knowledge. As grown ups now, we are so occupied on making money, making love or making progress in life that we are blind to learning new things.
God is telling us to be like children and be quick to learn. Learn from the Bible, learn from the Qur’an, learn from books, learn from religious tapes, learn from friends, learn from family. Never stop learning because a man starts dieing as soon as he stop learning.

7. Be easily led: When we were kids, we never crossed the road without holding the hands of our guardian or parent. As children, we listened to our parents advice whether we thought it was right or wrong. As a child while watching cartoon on TV, your mummy says “Ngozi, go and do your homework and wash your plates also”, we did it not because we felt like it but because our mummy was in charge. As grown ups, we don’t listen to anyone anymore because we are our own boss. We don’t listen to people’s advice, we don’t listen to our pastor’s advice, we don’t listen to our spouse’s advice, we don’t even listen to God’s advice (The Bible).
God is telling us to be like children and be easily led. Listen to God’s Word and let Him lead you, the same way you used to let your parents lead you.

8. Trust God: I went swimming the other day and I saw this 3 year old amazingly beautiful baby girl swimming (with a floater obviously). This child could enter the water because her mummy was around her, always keeping a keen eye on her and the baby trusted that her mummy will never let her drown so she was swimming and enjoying herself. As kids, we had so much trust in our parents that we were confident that they would do anything to make sure nothing bad happens to us.
Life has removed all the outa of trust that was left in us. Some of us have been heartbroken, some of us have been abused and insulted. Some of us have had the trust we had in people thrown away and we go through life not trusting anyone not even God.
God is telling us to act like children and put all out trust in Him. He never fails. He promises and always fulfills His promise.

9. Ask God: I remember those days as a child, whatever I wanted I would go and meet my parents and they will always give me. All we did as children was ask and our parents were ready to give us as long as we deserved what we were asking for. We are grown up and since we are on our own, we are too big to ask our parents for things so sometimes we rather borrow or suffer in silence than ask. God is telling us to be like children and ask Him for anything. He said ask and it shall be given unto you. As long as you ask, He will give you but remember if He feels its not the right time for you to have it, He will not give you yet. The same way a parent no matter the love he/she has for a 5 year old would never buy the child a car to drive. God will not give you something until He feels you are ready for it.

As we celebrate Children’s day, we should recognize that we are not only celebrating the kids but we are also celebrating ourselves because we are the children of God.


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This article was powered by the Holy Spirit

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