10 Business Laws Learnt From Prostitutes: (Timing and Marketing)


Prostitution is immoral and I am definitely not condoning its practice but all I want you to do is to open your mind and you will be shocked at the business trade secrets you can learn from prostitutes. This is a continuation of the series.
Read the first 6 business laws;
1 & 2) Determined Drive and Confident Approach
3 & 4) Targeting and Territorial Claim
5 & 6) Proper Packaging and Effective Advertising

7. PERFECT TIMING: There was this article I saw in one of the dailies last year on the exit of prostitutes from Abuja during the Ramadan season. These girls knew that most customers in the Abuja are muslims who would be fasting during the Ramadan and wouldn’t engage in sexual activities. Instead of staying put in a place with little or no business opportunity, they migrated to places with a lower muslim population like Lagos and other Southern cities. This is what I call perfect timing. You can trust the prostitute with perfect timing.
For everything there is a fixed time, and a time for every business under the sun. Due to the fact that a prostitute works mostly at night, they make sure they utilize the day time to do what they have to do like make their hair, sleep, study, watch movies in preparation for a busy night time. The trick of the business is that the prostitute must make enough in the night to last her during the day.
Timing they say is everything. As a wise man once said “The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.” Every business has its season for maximum profit. The man that deals in rain coats, umbrellas and car wipers celebrate the rainy season but not the man that deals in ice cream. Locate the season of maximum impact in your business, prepare for it, maximize it.

8. AGGRESSIVE MARKETING: Prostitutes are one of the most aggressive marketers I have ever seen. A prostitute never stays at home waiting for customers, they go out to market their products (bodies). She never waits for them to come, she goes to them. A prostitute (runs girl) can spend half of the money she makes buying clothes, makeup, accessories in order to look good and presentable to her prospective clients. How often to you market your products and services? How do you market your products and services?
An easy way of marketing your products is by simply delivering excellence services and making use of word-of-mouth as a marketing tool. Another marketing strategy is the use of complimentary cards. Give people your complimentary cards, it might be the difference between “eeeeeeehm, I can’t remember the name of the person that did my makeup” and “yes I have her details, I’ll send them to you asap”.
This indeed is the days of marketing. The days when you wait for them to come are over; now you have to take it to them.


9 & 10) Performance and Excellence


The Prostitutes’ Approach To Business by Albert Femi Oduwole

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